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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Hog Fuel Distribution, Rail Car Wood Chip Dump, Submerged Ash Tail Assembly, Coal Handling Attachment and Receiving Hopper Shaft Assemblies

Hog Fuel Distribution

  • SERIES H730

A double strand of I'ANCO cast alloy H730 Mill Chain complete with A22 attachments used in a hog fuel distribution conveyor. A53 swivel attachments complement this chain by allowing the UHMW flights to 'float' between the two strands of chain. The swivel action of the the A53 reduces applied stress loads on the chain when the conveyor is unevenly loaded or misaligned, and thus provides extended chain life with reduced maintenance cost.

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Rail Car Wood Chip Dump

  • Series 400
  • Size 1-1/2 x 2-1/4 x 8"

At this pulp mill, an automated wood chip receiving rail car dump conveyor operates with 2 strands of Long Link Chain and handles 2 rail cars simultaneously for a load of 120 tons. A double strand of I'ANCO cast alloy square profile 1-12 x 2-14 x 8" Long Link Chain, complete with 36" wide, Series 400 dual tang flights, takes only 8 minutes to cycle the conveyor clean of wood chips.

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Submerged Ash Tail Assembly

  • DIAMETER 14 x 50mm

I'ANCO double strand tail shaft assembly for 14 x 50mm round link Drag Chain is used extensively in submerged ash conveyors. The Tail Idlers are precision machined from quench and tempered material to suit 14mm link chain and are specifically designed to be resistant to the abrasive nature of boiler ash.

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Coal Handling Attachment

  • Series A53

Cast alloy A53 swivel attachment to suit a drop forged 998 rivetless chain. The attachment and the extruded plastic flight are used in an infeed conveyor for a coal fired power generation station. At 13 of the original weight, this flight attachment replaces a cumbersome one-piece fabricated steel flight that was difficult to replace due to restricted space. The swivel design eliminates chain stress found in double strand conveyors when one side elongates further than the other. The bolt on system of flights and attachments also eliminates the need for any welding, thus creating a safer and quicker change-out for the facility.

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Receiving Hopper Shaft Assemblies

  • Size 1-1/2"
  • Series HD480

These shaft assemblies are destined for a Hog Fuel receiving hopper system. There are 2 side-by-side hoppers with 7 strands of HD480 drag chain. These assemblies use I'ANCO cast Alloy 2A full face sprocket and idler rims mounted on 1-12" wall, seamless mechanical tubing.

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Wood Chip Truck Dump

  • Series HD480

A pulp mill truck dump employing 6 strands of I'ANCO cast alloy HD480 Drag Chain with wing attachments. The conveyor feeds wood chips, brought in by truck transportation, directly into the pulp mill.

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Scraper Link

  • Series 142HVY

The 142HVY Scraper flights shown in this photo demonstrate the hard-facing that can be applied to the leading edge of the scraper. A bead of hard-facing is applied to the flight and then ground to a plow like edge.

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Flight Attachments

  • Series H106
  • Size 22"

This H106 conveyor chain is destined for a bulk material handling conveyor in a Pot Ash processing plant. The beveled front on the flight acts like a plow and keeps the material from building up on the bottom of the conveyor.

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Shredder Rotor

  • Size 42 x 48"

This 42 x 48" heavy duty Rotor was designed and built by I'ANCO to replace a standard Jeffrey rotor. The hammers were doubled in thickness so as to increase the pulverization effect on larger stock sizes and keep the material flow rate at its maximum level.

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Shredder Tip

I'ANCO cast alloy Shredder Tips and Holders for horizontal rotors. The hammer tips are cast in I'ANCO Alloy 3A which provides a typical hardness of 444 BHN.

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Style Manganese Steel Liner

This cast austenitic manganese steel 'Z' Liner is installed in a hog fuel conveyor. The work hardening properties and low coefficient of friction of the manganese steel makes it an ideal material for liner applications. This system was specifically designed as a bolt-in wear part for ease of replacement in the future.

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Bolt-In Trough Liner

  • thickness 3/8"

These bolt-in Trough Liners are formed from 38" thick CHT360 hardened plate. Threaded studs are welded to the underside of the plate to secure the Liner in the conveyor.

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Sinter Screen

This Vibrating Sinter Screen casting is produced in high temperature stainless steel and is used in a sintering plant for the charge material at a steel mill. The slots are tapered from top to bottom to allow dust to escape and air to be blown in.

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Cast Liner

Cast Austenitic Manganese Steel Wear Liners servicing a pulp mill in Chile. These Liners are paired with I'ANCO cast H132 chain of the same material to provide an extended service life.

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Marietta Track Pads

This load of track pads is destined for a Canadian underground Pot Ash mine. The castings are produced in Low Alloy Steel then quenched and tempered to stringent material specifications. Each casting is line bored, fitted with a hardened machine pin, then assembled to ensure accurate interface and articulation between the pads.

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Goodman Track Pads

Cast in I'ANCO MT100 alloy steel, these Track Pads provide optimum performance in the harsh operating conditions of an underground Pot Ash mine. The hardened material provide Points that last the life of the pad.

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track pad

Cast steel alloy Crawler Track Pads for Marrietta 780-AW4 tunneling machines that are used for underground mining operations in the potash industry. The Track Pads are 326 lbs each and are assembled with case hardened pins at I'ANCO's manufacturing facility. I'ANCO worked with the end user to develop a unique cast material as a solution to the premature failures that they were previously experiencing.

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Port Rodder Tips

Consumable Port Rodder Tips for Anthony Ross Style Machines. Cast in high temperature, heat resistant stainless steel, the Tips are used to clean boiler window openings to ensure proper air flow.

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Impressifiner Bar

I'ANCO produces both Straining and Breaker Impressifiner Bars in Cobalt Alloy 6 and CB7Cu-1 material for CTMP screw presses. These bars are investment cast to near net shape, then precision ground to the exact gap and taper tolerances. I'ANCO also offers the complete re-build service for the Cages including cleaning, liquid die penetrant inspection, all weld up-grades, machining, installation of the bars and final inspection.

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Energy Grates

These Energy Grates, for a traveling boiler grate system, rotate in alternating clockwise and counterclockwise direction to distribute ash from the power boiler. The tool steel casting has eliminated fatigue failures found in the original parts and provides a higher hardness for extended, maintenance free service. To date, no failures have been discovered since 2003.

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Chip Thickness Screen Roll

This Chip Thickness Screen Roll has been re-built using extended life tips. After two years of service the working points of the stainless steel disks still have their original square edges.

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Sawdust Screen Roll

Tasked with a customer request to create a longer lasting Roll, the I'ANCO engineering group replaced the existing cast iron material with I'ANCO cast Alloy 2AQT380. The life of the rolls improved from 6 months to well over 3 years.

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Window Support Arms

The cast ductile iron Arms were supplied for a renovation of a Downtown Vancouver office building. The Arms were supplied with a primer coat of paint, ready for assembly onto the main beam.

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Olympic Oval Roof Support Castings

These casting were produced for the general contractor building the Richmond Olympic Oval. Both the top and bottom anchor assemblies were cast in low alloy steel and fully machined and primed before final installation at the construction site.

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Hot Lime Chute Liner

The Liner for this chute is cast in HN stainless steel and designed to handle the 2, 000 degree Fahrenheit lime.

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Lime Kiln Trunnion Roller

  • Weight 5,000 lb

This 5, 000 lb Trunnion Roller is used on a Lime Kiln at a Pulp Mill in British Columbia. The shaft is installed with a FN2 shrink fit.

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Hydraulic Take-up Frames

These fabricated Take-up Frames were designed to suit a customer request for an automatic take-up system on their hog fuel distribution conveyor.

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Plate Attachments

Plate Attachments for both single and double bolt shackles are supplied in materials ranging from mild steel to 316L depending on the application. The bolts can be supplied with a step in them to avoid over tightening on the shackle or with spacers to ensure the correct torque is applied.

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I'ANCO offers a wide variety of industry standard cast weld-on, cast integral, or fabricated attachments for the H & C Class chains. The photos show some typical examples of chain attachments in various applications. In addition to standard attachments, I'ANCO routinely develops unique attachment solutions for customer's particular conveying needs.

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