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We offer the best product range of Gearshift, Brake Pressure Transducer, Lightweight Pressure Transducer, Miniature Pressure Transducers and Standard Pressure Transducers.


Load cells designed for use in cluchlessclutch -free full throttle gearshift installations also referred to a flat shifting. A step above some gear knobs with switches inside, the KA Sensors GSS & GST products are highly reliable, rugged and can be specified in a wide range of sensitivities. The GSS (Gear Shift Load Cell), is a device that is fitted in-line with a gear linkage and it produces an output dependant on whether it’s under compression or tension, thus allowing an ECU to know if on a sequential gearbox a higher or lower gear is being selected and allowing a torque reduction strategy to be instigated.. The GST (Gear Lever Load Cell) is a replacement for a traditional gear knob and like the GSS provides a similar output whether the knob is being pulled or pushed.

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Brake Pressure Transducer

A key consideration with brake pressure sensors, aside from the higher pressures seen in most other applications on a vehicle, is the internal materials the transducer is made from. At KA sensors we always build a brake pressure sensor with an EPDM rather than the typical VITON internal seal. The KA Sensors below can all be specified with an EPDM seal making them suitable for hydraulic and brake fluid pressure measurment.

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Lightweight Pressure Transducer

Where weight is crucial - top level motor sport or more widely as a map sensor fitted to an air box the KA Sensors Light Weight Range are ideal.

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Miniature Pressure Transducers

For applications where size and weight are absolutely critial, we offer a range of very small transducers. With all stainless steel contruction the units are suitable for use with all common motorsport fluids and gases.

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Standard Pressure Transducers

Standard accuracy pressure transducer that offers accurate repeatable high performance verses a low price. Connects directly to most types of ECU or data logging systems. Designed to outperform original OEM sensors in the demanding motorsport environment. Individually calibrated and serial numbered. Standard and custom versions avaliable.

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High Performance Pressure Tranducers

For critical pressure measurements such as fuel pressure or manifold air pressure it is often necessary to use highly accurate and stable transducers. Specifications for linearity, hysteresis, repeatabilty and temperature induced errors can be selected so that very fine control of engines can be made.

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Temperature Transducers

Why have two when one will do... These are KA Sensors combined pressure and temperature sensors. Not only are they available in a wide range of pressure ranges, but also the temperature sensors can be specified from a wide range of NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficients) PT (Positive Temperature (Coefficients)) sensing elements.

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Aerodynamics Pressure Transducer

The ASLF series of high performance pressure transducers sensors have been designed for Barometric and MAP pressures in demanding motorsport and automotive applications. The construction is of lightweight aluminium and differs from the ASLA as the ASLF has a flange mounting as opposed to a typical threaded sensor. The flange installs directly onto the surface of inlet manifolds.

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Dyno Pressure Transducer

Not screaming around a circuit somewhere but trying to develop the most reliable performance possible back at base or on a dyno - then why not use a high accurancy KA Pressure sensor such as the AS range, or if high accurancy is not the goal but an economical sensors on an endurance rig is the target, then why not consider the standard ASL sensor.

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High Temperature Tranducers

Whilst most KA Sensors are designed to work up to a temperature of 125°C (260°F) a range of sensors have been developed to work up to 150°C (300°F). If you have a requirement beyond even this high temperature we are able to offer a solution of remotely mounting the sensitive internal electronics.

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