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Nuts Bolts and Fasteners

Our Complete range of products are Classic & Shortie Turnbuckles, Threaded Rod, Shank Hooks, SS Threaded Stud and Threaded Studs & Threaded Plug, MS21259 Stud.

Classic & Shortie Turnbuckles

Classic turnbuckles are all comprised of four subcomponents. Threaded terminal (crimps to the cable & threads into the body) Closedpipe turnbuckle body (includes a thru hole on center for fine tune adjustment) A termination that connects the body to the end post (comes in different styles that lend themselves to different end post materials, shapes and dimensions) Jam nuts (allows the ideal take-up setting to be locked into place under tension for low maintenance)

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Threaded Rod

  • sizes up to 3/4".

For applications where it makes sense to use a member with more rigidity than cablestrand, thread rod may be appropriate. Lexco Cable carries high quality threaded rodtie rod components. We can fabricate and assembly your required through rod assembly, and we also offer everything customers need to create complete tie rod systems, including: Clevis Adjustable Yoke End Clevis Pins Threaded Rod One important design factor on thread rod assemblies is thread direction. If one is using a piece of all-thread rod, it’s typical to install a turnbuckle body at one end. Turnbuckle bodies have left-hand thread on one side and right-hand thread on the other. Adjustable yoke ends are a great alternative to clevises in thread sizes up to 34". Clevises are generally more expensive than adjustable yoke ends because clevises are all custom. If ordering a clevis, please specify thread tap, grip, and pin-hole sizes. Adjustable yoke ends and clevises are sometimes used on cable assemblies because they can be threaded onto studs. Clevises and adjustable yoke ends generally do not come with clevis pins included, so please specify if your application requires clevis pins.

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Shank Hooks

A wire rope shank hook is a hybrid of 2 products, a traditional wire rope hook integrated into a wire rope swage fitting. As a result, you can have a hook at the end of your wire rope without ever forming a loop.

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SS Threaded Stud

SS Threaded Stud: SS threaded studs are heavy duty. Thread size is often twice the corresponding wire rope diameter. They are typically-Type 303 or 304 but can be special ordered in Type 316 UNC Thread can be UNF Do not have a wrench flat but can be special ordered Machine swaged, round Longer thread length can be ground by special request Larger sizes also available by special request

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Threaded Studs & Threaded Plug, MS21259 Stud

MS21259 Stud: The MS21259 Studs include a wrench flat and inspection hole. They are UNF thread, SS and hold to breaking strength of 7x7 & 7x19 aircraft cable or rope constructions to 19x7, 6x19 Class IWRC, Class 6x37 Class IWRC.

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Threaded Studs & Threaded Plug, MS21260 Locking Stud

MS21260 Locking Stud: The MS21260 locking stud shares many characteristics of the MS21259, the main difference is the MS21260 has a shorter thread length.

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Smooth Line Turnbuckles

The distinguishing feature of smooth line turnbuckles is that the thread is completely internalized. The result is an appearance with no visible threads which makes for an exceptionally clean design. Smooth line turnbuckles lend themselves to hand crimping in the field for two reasons. One, you can’t see crimp marks on the compression fitting because it’s hidden inside the turnbuckle body. Two, due to a 12” O.D. of the turnbuckle body, prefabricated assemblies would require large thru holes on the intermediate post than what you can achieve by field crimping smooth line turnbuckles.

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Decko Turnbuckles

Decko turnbuckles are very similar to classic turnbuckles. The main difference is the shape of the turnbuckle body. In a Decko design the body is a tubular shape. Where as in a classic design, the body tapers at the ends. The purpose of the tubular body design is to provide another aesthetic choice. Decko turnbuckles look great with round pipe end posts.

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Adjust-A-Body Turnbuckles

They do not utilize a threaded terminal – this is a departure from the Classic and Decko turnbuckles. There are a few results of this turnbuckle design. The overall length of an Adjust-A-Body is less than that of a Classic turnbuckle. To further minimize the length of an Adjust-A-Body turnbuckle, the cable compression fitting is a short ferrule. The ferrule must be swaged by hydraulic tool in order to compress it sufficiently to the point where it fits inside the body. If you prefer not to buy a prefabricated Adjust-A-Body assembly, Lexco will rent you a tool kit that compatible with the machine swaged ferrules.

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The Terminator Turnbuckle

The Terminator turnbuckle is a hybrid of styles. It’s a cross between a button turnbuckle and a threaded terminal. The body machine swages directly onto the cable on one side. And the other side is tapped with threads. A bolt connects your end post to the turnbuckle body. You can buy it without a bolt and then install your own or special order a different bolt option. The Terminator turnbuckle works well with flat iron end posts

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Button Terminal Tuner Turnbuckle

  • Item # 35-703-4
  • Wire Rope Dia 1/8"
  • Thread Size 1/4"-28 R.H.

The Button Terminal Turnbuckle is a simple way to terminate cable with conventional threaded terminals. Installation and adjustments are a breeze with Terminal Tuners. Available complete with threaded terminal or body only.

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