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Other Products / Services

Our product range comtains a wide range of Water Bottle Cage Baby Blue Composite, SS Swage Stud, Threaded Terminals, Cablecraft Hardware & Accessories and Aluminum Button Stops

Water Bottle Cage Baby Blue Composite

  • Item CM430
  • brand Clean Motion
  • Product Line Water Bottles & Cages
  • Category Water Bottle Cages

Water Bottle Cage Baby Blue Composite - Only 38 grams - Composite cages are made from tough poly carbonate that is virtually unbreakable and retains its shape - Individually carded with UPC

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SS Swage Stud

SS Swage Stud: SS swage studs are similar to MS21259. Notable differences include the type of stainless which is Type 316, thread pattern, UNC. Also, swage studs do not have an inspection hole.

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Threaded Terminals

Threaded terminals are a basic, simple and cost effective way to terminate a cable railing. All of the models below are SS Type 316. The machine thread goes thru the end post and a nut fastens on the back of the end post with the exception of the lag swage model which threads directly into a wooden post. The hand swage threaded terminal is designed for field installation. Machine swage threaded terminal is typically fabricated by Lexco because it requires hydraulic compression.

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Cablecraft Hardware & Accessories

The Cablecraft hardware you’ll find within here can be sold a la carte but we can also build it into your Cablecraft Push-Pull control. Rod ends in a push-pull control have an external thread that conveniently threads into rod ends and ball joints. They are convenient, versatile linkage solutions. Strap clevis are typically retained by a swaged cable fitting. There are circumstances where they can be placed onto threaded ends and retained by a nut. Strap clevis’ are best suited for pull-only controls. We also can supply thread-on clevis’ upon request. Wire stops are typically used on commercial pull-only controls. They can be installed on up to a 18” inner cable. U-Bolts and shim clamps allow you to mount and stabilize your Cablecraft push-pull control. This is important to reduce loss of energy during actuation.

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Aluminum Button Stops

When hand crimped, aluminum button stops provide a holding strength approximately 13 that of rated cable strength, whereas, when machine swaged, up to 50% of the cable break strength can be achieved. This higher holding strength is one reason why Lexco prefers to prefabricate our customers cable assemblies. It is recommended that a pull test be performed to verify holding strength. Aluminum button stops are available for cable diameters from 116” to 516”. While the length of aluminum button stops are standard, they can be special ordered in longer lengths. For example, in 116”, the standard length is 0.156”, but Lexco also stocks an extra long 116” model with 0.397” length. Lexco’s aluminum button stops are available with certificates of RoHS conformance upon request. Note: The holding strength of an aluminum button stop is affected by the construction of the cable onto which it is installed. A button stop installed on a 7x7 cable will yield a different holding strength than an identical button stop installed on a 1x19 cable, for example.

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Stainless Steel Button Stops BACT14A

Stainless steel button stops are also called stainless steel cylindrical terminals. They will hold to the breaking strength of the wire rope to which they’re attached (except for strand such as 1x7 and 1x19 construction wire rope). It is recommended that a pull test be performed to verify holding strength. Standard stainless steel button stops are SS Type 303304, but they can be quoted in SS Type 316 upon request. See below for Boeing BACT14A.

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Copper Button Stops

A hand crimped copper button stop will provide a holding strength approximately 13 that of rated cable strength. Machine swaged copper button stops provide up to 50% of the cable’s break strength. Greater holding strength is one reason why Lexco prefers to prefabricate our customers’ cable assemblies. A pull test is always recommended to verify a button stop’s holding strength. Copper button stops are available for cable diameters from 116” to 516”. Standard button stops feature a plain finish. Zinc plated copper button stops are available upon request.

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Cable Jointers (Kwik-Loc)

  • diameter 1/32” to 3/16”

Kwik-Loc® cable jointers are ideal for numerous field-installed aircraft cable loop applications. They are a fast, reliable way to suspend static loads. Lexco Cable offers a variety of Kwik-Loc®cable jointers designed for use with varying weight loads and cable diameters from 132” to 316”.

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Fitness Cable Parts

Lexco Cable fabricates fitness cables for OEM or aftermarket replacement. Fitness cables will use some industrial fittings like thimbles, sleeves, threaded studs and single shank balls but fitness cable sometimes use specialty fittings. These include ball stoppers and thru hole cap screws. We can provide these items in bulk or pre-fabricated. We stock nylon coated cable for fitness cable applications. Fitness cable is widely used on weight lifting equipment.

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Wire Stop

  • diameter 3/64 – 1/8

A typical use for a wire stop is on a push-pull control. The removable set screw allows the installer to route the cable and secure it into place. They are typically used on cable diameters of 364 – 18.

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Swageless Fittings

  • diameter 1/16” to 1 ½”

Lexco Cable offers a variety of swageless end fittings for use in cable assembly systems from 116” to 1 ½” diameter. Our swageless fittings require no* special tools for assembly, making field installation quick and easy. Most swageless cable end fittings will hold the maximum load of the cable to which they’re attached when installed correctly. Swageless fittings are manufactured from self-colored steel, zinc plated steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel. Our large selection of swageless cable end fittings makes it easy to find the right one for your application. Swageless fittings: Clevis (fork, jaw) Eye end Oval Eye, Drum Socket & Coupling Fittings Threaded Stud Turnbuckles Non-Bearing Hooks and Eye Swivels Lifeline Fittings Safe-Line Clamps MIL-STD-16843, FF-C-450 Type IV

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architectural accessories

Here’s some accessories such as fasteners that are useful in cable railing installations depending on your end fitting design. Some of the items include acorn nuts, beveled and flat washers and post protector sleeves. Please call us if you cannot find what you’re looking for or have questions.

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threaded plug

Threaded Plug: Short overall length Cost effective Typically machined, swaged, hex Threaded plugs do not necessarily hold 100% wire rope strength. A pull test is recommended for qualification. Of this product category, the threaded plugs are the most customizable.

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Eye Ends (MS20668)

  • diameter 1/16” to 1”

Lexco Cable’s commercial and MIL SPEC MS20668 eye ends are manufactured from stainless steel. Commercial eye ends are typically made from 316 stainless steel, while MS20668 eye ends are SS304. Our MS20668 eye ends are made in the USA; commercial eye ends of both domestic and imported origin are available. Our eye ends are available in various sizes to accommodate cable from 116” to 1” in diameter. Machine or roller swaging is required for installation. Cable assemblies using eye ends can be quickly and easily connected to assemblies with fork ends by fitting the two together and inserting a clevis pin. Our MS20668 eye ends do not include clevis pins or cotter pins (must be ordered separately).

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Generic Push-Pull Controls

  • size 1/16*

There a few similarities between generic push-pull and non-push-pull cable assemblies. 1. Size reference. Most popular inner cable size is 116* 2. There aren’t support (guide) tubes on these assemblies 3. Many of our customers use a pull-only or return spring type 4. Most cable fitting are common air craft fittings used for non-push-pull as well 5. Typically this category uses Bowden conduit – 5a. 316* Bowden also houses 116 inner cable 5b. Smaller diameter also called light duty 5c. We work best when we can pre-fabricate, however we can also supply large – bulk quantities as well.

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Carbon Steel Button Stops

Our carbon steel button stops are machined from material specially selected for swaging. All carbon stops are designed to be machined swaged only. Compression via hydraulic press is required to achieve the correct post-swage diameter.

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Ring Eyes

A ring eye is manufactured by taking an eye bolt blank and drilling the shank with a blind hole for the wire rope. The eye I.D. is larger than other wire rope eye fittings.

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Threaded Terminals with Receiver

Threaded terminals with receivers are a step up in design from threaded terminals with nut. The receiver hides some or all of the machine thread which makes for a cleaner look. Of all of the threaded terminals with receiver offered, Invisiware has the most minimalistic appearance. The Invisiware option you can choose multiple receiver lengths to match any end post. Also the Invisiware receivers are great for vertical cable rail applications.

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Shackle: Anchor Galvanized RR-C-271 Grade A Import

Lexco Cable’s galvanized anchor shackles are manufactured to meet Federal Spec RR-C-271 Type IV-A Grade A. Galvanized carbon steel anchor shackles are the most common and widely used variety, as they are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications. Anchor shackles are bow shaped, similar to a boat anchor. Anchor shackles are available with screw-pin, round-pin, and safety bold fastener options. We offer both domestic (Made in the USA) and imported galvanized anchor shackles. Please specify your preference of fastener and origin, if any.

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Fork 26 Straight Springer

  • Item 9488R26
  • Brand El Gordo
  • Product Line Lowrider
  • Category Lowrider Forks

Fork 26 Straight Springer - Standard curve - Straight springer - 22.2mm - Steerer 195mm - Thread 100mm

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Theft-Resistant Cable Rail Systems

Lexco Cable has the components necessary to create a tamper- or theft-resistant architectural cable rail system for commercial and municipal applications where damage or theft may be of concern. The key components for tamper- and theft-proof architectural cable railings are specialty end fittings. These jaw-end components utilize security bolts instead of traditional clevis pins, and can be fitted with special locking nuts for even greater safety and security.

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Architectural Installation Tools

  • diameter 3/8” or 5/16”

The tools you’ll find here within are designed for field installation of cable end fittings. There’s two types of tools within this product line. First, you’ll find three hand crimp tools which are 53-215 and 64-CGMP (64-CGMP is sold with or without a built in cutter). These three tools are compatible with 18” diameter and 316” diameter hand crimp cable end fittings. These hand crimp tools are sold and not rented.

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Strap Eyes (Commercial & NAS1435-E)

  • diameter 3/64” and 3/16”

Lexco Cable offers both commercial and Naval-spec (NAS1435-E) strap eyes. When installed, a strap eye is not swaged directly onto the cable, but rather swivels on an end fitting such as a single shank ball, allowing the load to rotate without putting stress on the cable. Commercial strap eyes are available in two types. The first mimics the dimensions of NAS1435-E strap eyes, while the second type does not. NAS1435-E strap eyes are manufactured from stainless steel Type 304. All our strap eyes are available in various sizes to accommodate standard cable diameters between 364” and 316”.

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Clevises & Yoke Ends

Clevises feature female threading for fast and easy installation onto a threaded rod. We offer a wide range of clevis dimensions to meet our customers’ requirements. Clevises are essentially custom items, as they must meet a range of specifications in order to be compatible with the connecting hardware. When requesting a quote for the clevises you need, please specify the following: Thread: The thread size is required to ensure the rod will attach. Grip: Distance between clevis ears must be specified in order to provide proper clearance for the connecting hardware. Clevis Pin Hole: Whether Lexco is supplying your clevis pins or you’re using your own, the hole size is important for correct clearance. Material: We offer clevises in an array of materials; the clevis and threaded rod must be manufactured from compatible materials and finish for proper installation.

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Shackle: Chain Galvanized RR-C-271 Import

Galvanized chain shackles are also known as “D shackles.” Chain shackles are suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. Lexco Cable’s galvanized chain shackles are manufactured to meet Federal Spec RR-C-217 Type IV-B. Chain shackles have an oval shape, similar to a link of chain. Chain shackles are available with screw-pin, round-pin, and safety bolt fastener options. We offer both domestic (Made in the USA) and imported galvanized chain shackles. Please specify your preference of fastener and origin, if any.

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Lanyard Mounting Tabs

Lexco Cable offers lanyard mounting tabs in plated and stainless steel varieties. They are specially designed for use as cable lanyard assembly hardware. Numerous sizes are available to meet your specific requirements. A mounting tab is an alternative to a stamped eyelet or machined eye end. Mounting tabs have round pin-holes designed for installation via bolt or screw fastener. A mounting tab is typically attached to a cable lanyard assembly via cable loop through one of the tab’s holes. However, upon request, Lexco can supply lanyard mounting tabs with split rings or retaining rings for installation.

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Breaking strength equals three times the working load limit. Made from zinc plated forged steel, used to repair or lengthen chain for permanent or temporary use.

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Marine Eyes

  • diameter 1/16” to 1/2"

Lexco Cable’s marine eye cable fittings are manufactured from corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel to help them withstand harsh outdoor and marine environments. Marine eyes are available in sizes to accommodate 116” to 12" diameter cable. Our marine eyes are commercial grade, and are available from both domestic and import manufacturers. Marine eyes are similar to our eye ends in function and design, but are manufactured from 316 stainless steel (in lieu of 309 stainless) and include different sized pin holes. Machine or roller swaging is required.

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Swage Toggle Jaws

  • diameter 3/32” to 1/2"

Toggle jaws are distinct because the clevis portion is connected by a means which allows a pivoting motion. This toggle functionality reduces stress that can be a side effect of installing cable assemblies at an angle. Lexco Cable’s toggle jaw fittings are machined from 316 stainless steel, and are available in range of sizes to accommodate cable from 332” to 12" in diameter. Clevis pins are included. Toggle jaws must be machine swaged for proper hold strength. Please contact a Lexco sales representative to receive an assembly quote. Swageless jaw ends are also available from Lexco.

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Strap Forks (Commercial & NAS1435-K)

Lexco Cable offers both commercial and Naval-spec (NAS1435-K) strap forks. When installed, a strap fork is not swaged directly onto the cable, but rather swivels on a separate end fitting, allowing the load to twist without putting tension on the cable. NAS1435-K strap forks are designed to be installed via MS20664 single shank balls. The spherical shape of the single shank ball helps the fork to swivel. The shank of the single shank ball also provides a shoulder that protect the cable from friction.

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bolt snaps

Bolt snaps, and trigger snaps are designed for light to heavy duty applications, from dog leashes to luggage to marine, agricultural, and construction applications.. Our bolt snaps are available with an array of end connectors, including rigid eyes, swivel eyes, and clevises, to meet the needs of any application. Most bolt snaps feature spring-loaded closures opposite their end connectors, for fast and easy attachment.

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Kickstand 285mm + RetroKit

  • Item KS2S
  • Brand Greenfield
  • Product Line Kickstands
  • Category Kickstands Center Mount

Kickstand 285mm + RetroKit -Retrokit series center mount kickstand with special cutaway top plate to clear derailleur cable for frame sizes less than 22 inches -Burnished aluminum

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Cablecraft Push-Pull Controls

Cablecraft push-pull controls are of the highest quality on the market, hands down and Lexco Cables is a proud Cablecraft Assembler. We are well positioned to not only make replacement push-pull assemblies, but we’re also well suited for manufacturing of new OEM push-pull controls.

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Bag Kingston Commuter 18 Single Pannier

  • Item 403032
  • Brand Axiom
  • Product Line Bags & Baskets
  • Category Bags Pannier

Bag Kingston Commuter 18 Single Pannier - A single pannier bag with a padded structure that allows it to stand upright when off the bike - Can be used on its own or paired with another bag - Sewn 600D polyester - Rixen & Kaull® adjustable hooks with Flip-Lock - Shoulder strap included - Internal pocket - 3M reflective Axiom logo - 1098 cubic inch capacity; 1.4lbs - Black Charcoal (single)

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  • Type III
  • Spec RR-C-271D

Swivels allow lifted loads to rotate without twisting the lifting line, preventing over-twist stress on the cable, wire rope, or chain. Lexco Cable offers numerous models, including drop light-duty and heavy-duty swivels. We carry both domestic (Made in the USA) and imported swivels. Drop forged swivel models include Eye & Eye, Chain, Jaw & Eye, and Safety Swivel. Light-duty swivel models include Open-Eye, Closed-Eye, and Plastic Snap with Swivel. Heavy-duty swivel models include Eye & Eye, Jaw & Eye, and Chain. Forged galvanized swivels meet Federal Spec RR-C-271D Type III.

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Fixed (Non-Tensioning) End Fittings

We recommend that one side of the cable railing assembly has adjustable fitting such as turnbuckle or receiver, at the opposite end of the cable assembly you can either have another adjustable fitting or a fixed, non-tensioning end fitting. One characteristic of the fixed end fittings is that they’re designed to match the style of corresponding adjustable fittings in order to keep the look consistent. In other words, a deck terminal looks perfect opposite deck toggle turnbuckle and a radius ferrel matches an Invisiware receiver. Due to the short length of these fixed length end fittings, they allow you to enjoy the appearance of more cable and less hardware.

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Eye Turnbuckles Zinc

  • Item 11-5/32
  • Thread Diameter (in) 5/32
  • Take-Up (in) 1-1/4
  • Closed Lengths (in) 3-1/2

The following Turnbuckles have Zinc Alloy bodies with steel hooks and eyes which will not rust or freeze to fittings. These turnbuckles are much more cost effective than stainless steel models.

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Cablecraft Modulator Unit

  • Item CA 343-3-001-L
  • Cable Output End 173 Utility
  • Mount Type Grooved Mount

Modulator and cable interconnect Allison® automatic transmission with engine fuel control. Modulator can be set to either "push" or "pull" to operate.

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Quick Attach Wood Stud

  • Item # S0777-0703
  • A Wire size 1/8"
  • B 1/4"
  • C 1.46"
  • D 2.00"

316 Stainless Steel Note: Mechanical swage fitting allows very fast and simple attachment of cable (1x19, 7x19, or 7x7) to wood using only simple tools. “Quick Attach ™” fittings are designed for architectural and marine applications. “Quick Attach ™” fittings are not intended for lifting or other critical application. Typical breaking strength of “Quick Attach ™” fittings are 90% of nominal cable strength when properly installed. Please use adequate safety factor (e.g. 5:1) when designing your

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Quick Attach Receiver

  • Item # S0770-0703
  • A Wire size 1/8"
  • B Thread 1/4"
  • C 0.54"
  • D 1.46"

316 Stainless Steel Note: Mechanical swage fitting allows very fast and simple attachment using a bolt or stud through a platel WLL is determined by WLL of wire used. For use with bolts or similar fasteners. “Quick Attach ™” fittings are designed for architectural and marine applications. “Quick Attach ™” fittings are not intended for lifting or other critical application. Typical breaking strength of “Quick Attach ™” fittings are 90% of nominal cable strength when properly installed. Please

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Sealed FC Galvanized

  • Item 58619SFCGX
  • Core Sealed Fiber Core
  • Construction 6 x 19 Class
  • Weight (lbs/ft) 0.66

Rope Information: 6x19 (Seale), Right Regular Lay, Extra Improved Plow Steel, Drawn Galvanized, Poly Core, C-Lube. US FEDERAL SPECIFICATION RR-W-410D

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Invisiware Extended Length Threaded Tab

  • Item # TT-6B-L
  • Wire Rope Dia (in) 1/8" & 3/16"
  • Use With S.S. Acorn Nut AN-3/8-24-S

Extended length. Same as Invisiware Threaded tab except there is no need to thread the hole in your end post. Cut to desired length and secure the end post with acorn nut and thread sealant.

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Bike Chicago Army Green

  • Item 8214
  • Brand 3G
  • Product Line Bikes
  • Category Bikes Adult

Bike Chicago Army Green - Black rims - Steel frame - High head tube - Tripod frame foot forward pedaling - 3G comfort saddle - 700 x 45 tires - Stainless steel spokes and axle nuts - Rubber ergo grips

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Hanger Bolt Driver

  • Item # HB-6N
  • Wire Rope Dia (in) 1/8" & 3/16"

Hanger Bolt Driver, Use to install Adjust-A-Body with Hanger Bolt tensioners. Makes driving hanger bolts fast and easy.

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Ultra-tec Lag Eyes

  • Item # LE-6
  • Wire Rope Dia (in) 1/8", 3/16"
  • G (in) .232"/.228"

Convenient, easy-to-install means for attaching an Adjust-A-Jaw or Adjust-A-Body tensioner, Ultra-tec Fixed Jaw, or Push-Lock fitting with threaded eye to a wood post

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Chain Tool Rivoli Uni 5 thru 9

  • Item 83002
  • Brand CYCLO
  • Product Line Tools
  • Category Chain Tools

Chain Tool Rivoli Uni 5 thru 9sp - suitable for all types of chain including Shimano 9 speed - for 5-6-7-8-9 speed

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Invisiware Threaded Tabs

  • Item # TT-6B
  • Wire Rope Dia (in) 1/8",3/16
  • H (in) .265"
  • S (in) .500"
  • T (in) .233"/.229"

Type 316 Stainless Steel Recommended only when you are using a minimum schedule 80 pipe end post or a square or rectangular steel end post with a minimum .250" wall.

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