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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of FOUR-AXIS MACHINES, Indexing Turntable Machines, Pipe Blasting, Pre-Engineered Blast Booths and Abrasive Equipment Gibson Table Blasters.


  • size 65 inches

Empire produces mold-cleaning machines capable of handling parts up to 65 inches in diameter and 10, 000 pounds. The system shown below includes two turntables so loading and blasting can be performed simultaneously. To enhance versatility as well as further expedite cleaning, the system features a recipe-storage capability through which processing parameters for specific parts can be recalled with fingertip ease. In addition, a three-axis nozzle manipulator, shown to the right, provides easy access to hard-to-reach areas from above or below the part.

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Indexing Turntable Machines

  • Model TT-20
  • diameter 20”, 30”

This programmable, indexing turntable machine reduces per-unit cleaning costs on piston rebuilds by over 30 percent compared to previous methods. By coordinating the movements of 16 blast guns, oscillating vertically and horizontally, with spinning work stations on a rotating platform, the system ensures thorough coverage and fast cleaning in a single pass. Eight guns oscillating vertically clean the sides and skirts of the pistons. The guns sweeping horizontally clean tops and interiors.

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Pipe Blasting

  • sizes 3/4-inch

Cleaning and Preventing Corrosion with Proper Surface Preparation Clemco pipe tools help you get the job done faster, enhancing productivity and saving you money. Clemco tools are engineered for a wide range of pipe diameters and most common blast abrasives. Each tool handles a specified pipe diameter range with the use of centering devices. Easy Set Up and Use These pneumatic tools use compressed air, common abrasives, and standard blast machines, coupled blast hose attached to a customer-provided pipe lance normally in a length that matches the pipe to be cleaned. The tool is placed at the far end of the pipe and drawn manually through the pipe at a speed determined to clean the pipe to the desired degree of cleanliness.

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Pre-Engineered Blast Booths

  • Dimensions 10’ wide x 10’ long x 10’ high

Empire’s Pre-Engineered Blast Booths (PEB) feature the essentials of blast rooms at a fraction of the cost. These ten-foot-high booths not only include the hardware required to strip large parts fast. They also reclaim media, remove dust and breathe fresh air into the work enclosure with Empire’s exclusive Booth Ventilation System (BVS). Available in five sizes (See specifications on back page.), these booths ship flat and can be assembled by three people using a forklift or scissor lift in two days. Because the PEB bolts together and requires no excavation, it can be disassembled and set up at a new site in less than a week. For many applications requiring strict environmental and safety compliance, Empire’s Pre-Engineered Booths offer an attractive alternative to makeshift enclosures or higher priced blast rooms.

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Abrasive Equipment Gibson Table Blasters

  • MODEL 36” Power Table
  • Dimensions 120x96x65

Gibson Table Blasters process parts weighing up to 10, 000 pounds with diameters up to eight feet and heights exceeding four. Featuring eleven standard models, Gibson’s line of Table Blasters provides the versatility and flexibility to efficiently blast parts ranging from ten-pound gears to heavy fabrications. These rugged machines facilitate cleaning, peening, deburring, profiling, finishing and many other surfaceconditioning tasks in metal-intensive industries involving casting, welding and fabrication. For processing, parts are loaded onto a powered turntable which rotates within the blast envelope to provide 360° exposure to the blast stream. Models with an oscillating blast wheel, such as our 36” Power Table, enhance blast coverage. And features like the swing door on our Table Blasters expedite loading and unloading by enabling the operator to swing the system’s door-mounted turntable in and out of the blast enclosure.

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Gibson Roller Conveyor Blast System

  • wide 24”

The Gibson roller conveyor blast system is a fully automated blast system designed for 24 hour production. Systems are typically used in applications blasting heavier parts at a high rate. Blast systems are easily integrated into the rest of the production flow such as paint lines. Gibson roller conveyor blast systems offer the ability to utilize a blasting machine in conjunction with another machine to automate a process reducing high labor costs normally associated with batch type blasters. They come in many different blast envelopes. They also come with multiple blast wheels and horse powers with a level of speed and efficiency unmatched by other equipment manufactures. By flowing these parts within the blast envelope, these machines deliver consistent results automatically while working non-stop in a multi-shift production facility. Gibson Structural Steel Shot Blast The Gibson structural steel shot blast system is designed for descaling and cleaning structural shapes before or after fabrication. Blast Envelopes start at 24” wide and 36” high cleaning envelope. They come in many different blast envelopes.

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Pro-Finish Cabinets

  • Model 2636
  • Dimensions 26x36x30

If your operations involve cleaning with chemicals, acid etching or dipping, liquid honing, wire brushing, sanding, deburring, grinding or peening, moving up to a Pro-Finish® cabinet will normally expedite work, improve quality and eliminate the environmental problems associated with chemical finishing. Built for production blasting, these rugged cabinets enable you to perform a long list of tasks ranging from blending surface flaws to removing foreign matter, such as carbon from pistons, without affecting tolerances. By simply varying air pressure and blast media, you can perform almost any surfacefinishing job more quickly and precisely than with alternative methods. Pro-Finish cabinets can be specified with either suction or pressure blast systems—a pressure system being the preferred choice for faster production and more precise control of media at both high and low operating pressures. In addition, they are available in seven sizes and loaded with standard features that reduce operating and maintenance costs.

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BB4 Basket Blasters

  • Model BB2-3K
  • Size 30” dia. x 16” wide

Empire’s BB2 and BB4 Basket Blasters automate cleaning, peening and finishing of small workpieces. With certain types of parts, no other finishing method can compare to these heavy-duty production machines in terms of speed and quality results. Operation is simple: Load parts into the unit, set the precision timer, and the Basket Blaster does the rest. By tumbling parts within abrasive blast streams, these machines deliver consistent finishes – automatically. Empire’s heavy-duty Basket Blasters feature an unloading chute to speed parts handling and a polyurethane-lined media reclaimer supported by rugged ductwork to reduce maintenance requirements. Two models are available: a BB4-3K with a 350-pound parts capacity and three pneumatically controlled oscillating blast nozzles that increase production rates while reducing power consumption, and a smaller BB2-3K unit with two fixed nozzles and a capacity of 300 pounds.

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Pre-Assembled Blast Rooms

  • size 14 ft long x 7 ft wide x 8 ft

The pre-assembled blast room is built on a rigid structural steel floor, with 10-gauge steel walls and 16-gauge steel ceiling, 1-12 inch thick floor grating, and full-height, full-width work doors. High volume air inlets and a rugged down-flow dust collector combine to create true cross-draft ventilation at 50 fpm to minimize dust clouding inside. Bright fluorescent lighting enhances visibility. Place the room on any smooth, level floor and install a ramp to minimize site-prep requirements, or install in a pit to make the blast room floor level with your existing floor.

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IL-885 Conveyor Cabinets

  • Series IL-885

Based on Empire’s field-proven Pro-Finish® technology, the IL-885 incorporates a rugged conveyor assembly driving a 9-inch-wide by 72-inch-long belt. Variable speed controls and adjustable parts guides provide the versatility to deburr, clean, profile and finish parts of many different shapes and sizes ranging from tubular to flat; if two sides of a workpiece require blasting, the piece can be reloaded for a second pass. The angles and distances of the cabinet’s gun holders can be adjusted to focus four or six blast guns on work surfaces, enabling users to tailor blast envelopes for a variety of parts. Other features of the IL-885 include: a control panel located on the loading end of the conveyor to shut down or start the system, its lights and the blower motor powering media recycling and dust collection. Variable conveyor-speed control, as well as conveyor “stop” buttons at the entrance and exit vestibules of the cabinet, are also provided. For additional information about our IL-885 Conveyor Cabinets, go to the next page, contact Empire or your local Empire distributor, and visit our web site at Six or Four Blast Guns mounted on separately adjustable holders enable operators to control blast coverage.

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BBO Basket Blasters

  • Shipping Weights BBO-1: 100 pounds, BBO-2: 130 pounds

If you’re looking for a fast, efficient, economical method for finishing small parts, check out one of Empire’s BBO Basket Blasters. To finish parts, you simply drop them into the BBO’s nine-inch by nine-inch basket, set the time, and let these table-top work savers do the rest. As parts rotate through an abrasive blast stream, they are cleaned, peened or finished evenly and automatically. By varying air pressure and abrasive media, you control the type of finish as well as required processing times. Beyond freeing you from the tedious chore of processing parts manually, Empire’s BBO Basket Blasters save you time and money in other ways. They are inexpensive, come fully assembled and ready to operate, require only a BBO Basket Blaster Specifications Basket: 9 inch x 9 inch, 1∕16” perforated metal, removable Construction: All welded, 16 gauge Motor: 115 Volts, 60 Hertz, 1 Phase, .01 hp, 7 RPM, Fixed Electric Timer: Maximum cycle: 60 minutes Dust Collectors: BBO-1: Dry filter dust bag, 1 amp BBO-2: DC-16 with blower and cartridge filter, 8 amp Load Capacity: 15 pounds maximum Shipping Weights: BBO-1: 100 pounds, BBO-2: 130 pounds Air Requirements: 10 SCFM at 60 psi using standard 3∕32” air jet Standard Features: • Air gauge • Pressure regulator • Moisture separator Options: • Blow-off gun • PVC-coated basket two-horsepower compressor, use less electricity than a 150-watt light bulb, and meet OSHA requirements.

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PRS Blast & Recovery Systems

  • Model PRS-6

Using “economical” blast media, such as slag, for industrial blasting can be very costly indeed. Because these low-cost abrasives break down so quickly, reusing them is impractical. As a result, you’re constantly paying for replacement media, disposal of spent media, and manhours to move this material around—all of which can put a big drain on your profits. With Empire’s pneumatic Blast & Recovery System (PRS), you can tap the cost-saving advantages of more durable media for only a modest investment. Empire’s PRS lets you move up to recyclable media, such as aluminum oxide, chilled iron and steel grit, which can be used effectively over and over—from 6 to 200 times. The result is usually a very attractive return on investment in media savings alone. Reusable media are also faster acting and less dusty, meaning you get the additional advantages of increased productivity and a cleaner working environment. With the PRS, you can move blasting operations into enclosures to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. And, because the PRS recycles good media while removing dust and fines, blasting results are more consistent.

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FaStrip Blast Cabinets

  • MODEL 2636
  • BLOWER MOTOR 1½ hp
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT 1380 lbs

Empire’s FaStrip® cabinets provide a safe, efficient alternative to chemical stripping and cleaning of parts. Designed specifically for use with plastic media, FaStrip cabinets strip coatings from metallic and composite materials quickly and thoroughly without adverse effects on substrates. Materials on which these plasticmedia cabinets create the necessary etch for superior bonding of new coatings include Alclad and anodized aluminum, titanium, steel, Kelvar, fiberglass, carbon graphite and magnesium. Built for non-stop production, our rugged FaStrip cabinets combine a tunable reclaimer with a highly efficient dust collector to improve finishing results and reduce media costs. These units also incorporate Empire’s patented Sure-Flo® Media Regulator to assure smooth, consistent flow of plastic abrasives. All FaStrip cabinets can be ordered with a variety of factory options designed to meet your particular application requirements.

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Since 1980, manufacturers worldwide have relied on Abtex as their primary defense against the burrs in cut metal edges that can quickly disable expensive engines and other machinery and that create safety hazards that sometimes lead to debilitating liability lawsuits. The company has earned its reputation through decades of developing innovative machinebrush solutions for customers in automotive, aerospace, military, industrial, medical, metal-finishing, and many other industries. Deburring is Abtex’s only business. Abtex custom-designs brushes only for deburring – not for painting, sweeping or basting. Whether the deburring challenge involves cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum or powdered metal, Abtex’s solutions offer unparalleled results.

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Robotic Blasting Cell

  • diameter 12 inches
  • size 24” x 24”

Empire’s new RBT36-F robotic pressure-blast system opens the door for many firms to cash in on the benefits of high precision air blasting. Capable of processing parts up to 12 inches in diameter by 12 inches tall, the RBT36-F employs a Fanuc 6-axis robot to control nozzle movement plus a DC or Servo drive to control part movement, enabling users to assure the quality control and deliver the process validation so often required by today’s aerospace, automotive and medical-equipment sectors. In addition to helping customers control quality, the RBT36-F reduces the consumption of blast media, energy, floor space and raw materials while boosting the speed, flexibility and yield of manufacturing processes. In short, the system does more with less, contributing to a better bottom line. The RBT36-F includes dust collection, media reclamation, controls — all the hardware and software required for robotic blasting at standard automation pricing. In addition to the RBT36-F, Empire produces a larger version of this standard system for parts up to 24” x 24”, as well as engineered robotic systems tailored to specific applications.

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ProFormer Blast Cabinets

  • Model 4652
  • dimensions 82 x 54 x 82

Empire ProFormer™ cabinets put it all together in a single assembly that’s easy to move and simple to hook up. These cabinets require only two connections, air and electrical, and include features offered in our highproduction Pro-Finish® line. Plus, they come in two sizes: the 3642 with interior working dimensions of 36 inches deep by 42 inches wide by 48 inches high and its bigger brother, the 4652, with working space of 46 inches by 52 inches by 48 inches. Both include a tunable media reclaimer, capable of recycling a variety of abrasives, and a cartridge-type dust collector, monitored by a minihelic gauge, contained in the same enclosure as the cabinet, along with all electrical and pneumatic interconnections between components. Forklift slots are also provided, making these units easy to move between work stations. The dust-collector filtration system is designed for easy maintenance. Filters can be pulse-cleaned with the press of a button. When filters need replacement, they can be changed quickly and cleanly with a twist of two nuts. The filters slide into the cabinet where any loose dust falls into the cabinet, not onto the work floor.

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cartridge dust collectors

  • Size 35”x 40”x 116”
  • Capacity 16 gallons

Empire’s Cartridge Dust Collectors (CDC) increase productivity in three ways. For starters, they can operate continuously; the airblast system does not have to be shut down while dust is removed from filtration surfaces. Next, they simplify dust removal from filtration material. Push-button reverse jet-pulsing, a standard feature on all three CDC units, enables an operator viewing a minihelic gage—which monitors pressure drop across the filter—to purge dust while the air-blast system is operating. Alternatively, an optional photohelic upgrade moves dust from filtration surfaces to a collection drum automatically—at the right time and without operator involvement. Finally, the collection cartridges, once worn, can be quickly and easily removed and replaced through a large access door. Empire’s Cartridge Dust Collectors extend operating cycles, maximize “up” time and reduce maintenance costs—all adding to higher profits.

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Ergo-Blast Cabinets

  • Model ERGO 2636
  • Dimensions 26 x 36 x 30

Ergo-Blast cabinets accent the scope of Empire’s Pro-Finish® line, the world’s most rugged, reliable and versatile blast-cabinet system. By focusing on operator performance, Ergo-Blast cabinets give manufacturers an edge in many hands-on processes. Designed for sit-down blasting, these ergonomic cabinets include a padded armrest, an elevated foot rest for treadle control, top-entry piping for less arm stress, a sound dampener to reduce noise and a front mounted pressure regulator — all aimed at improving operator comfort and performance during long, repetitive blast cycles. In addition to supporting operators, Ergo-Blast cabinets include all Pro-Finish® features, such as a tunable media reclaimer which adjusts to recover a wide range of abrasives. You also have the choice of a pressure or suction blast system, three methods of dust collection, and many options to fit your specific application.

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SafeStrip Portables

  • Model SS-1
  • sizes 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”

Empire SafeStrip™ portables are designed specifically to handle fine, light media used in the cleaning and stripping of delicate substrates. SafeStrip portables quickly and safely remove old coatings, dirt, oil, corrosion and other unwanted residues from soft metals, rubber, plastics and other sensitive surfaces. They are ideal for work on statues, monuments, machinery and molds, and in many other applications requiring a “light touch.” SafeStrip portables assure even flow of light media by creating a pressure differential between the pressure vessel and blast pressure. This pressure differential, which can be adjusted precisely with a manual valve, prevents bridging and produces consistent feed rates. When used with non-toxic abrasives, such as bicarbonate of soda or wheat starch, SafeStrip portables are environmentally safe, as long as materials being removed from the work surface are also non toxic. For more information on SafeStrip portables, call Empire or your local Empire distributor.

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Gibson Tumble Blasters

  • MODEL 1.5BB
  • Dimensions 87x50x47

Gibson Tumble Blasters process multiple parts, ranging in size from small to medium, with a level of speed and efficiency unmatched by other types of equipment in a comparable price range. Gibson produces Tumble Blasters in ten standard models with load capacities ranging up to 3, 000 pounds or 24 cubic feet. (See next page for specifications.) Our smaller units, available with either wheel or airblast systems handle a broad spectrum of media and fit profitably into cell stations and other operations compatible with batch processing. These rugged machines automate cleaning, peening, deburring, profiling, finishing and many other surfaceconditioning tasks on a vast range of parts. Plus they are simple to operate. The operator loads parts onto a rugged perforated belt, closes the loading door, sets the timer and pushes the start button. By tumbling parts within the blast envelope, these machines deliver consistent results automatically whether working intermittently or non-stop in a multi-shift production facility.

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  • Diameter 150, 250, 300, 350 or 400 mm
  • size P100, P150, P180, P220 or P220

Fladder Danmark AS is established by Hansen & Hundebøl who in the 1970’s started a development centre designing unique methods and finishing machines for the wood and metal industry. Today FLADDER® is a known and acknowledged trade mark of high quality. The target is designing, producing and marketing efficient machines and tools able to meet specific work processes in an effektive and reliable way.

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  • diameters 36 inches , 108 inches

Empire offers turntable and in-line machines for continuous processing. These systems can be loaded and unloaded manually, equipped with robotic arms or designed as an integral part of the production line. Our continuous turntable machines come in four standard models with table diameters ranging from 36 inches up to 108 inches. Larger units are available with two rotary blast heads. The heads can be oriented to perform separate functions, such as blasting the interior and exterior of parts at the same time. Standard features include a rubber cabinet lining and a urethane coating on the turntable for extended service life.

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Empire continues to develop air-blast peening systems with advanced computer-control, blast-coverage and material-handling features that not only increase productivity, but also assure repeatability—a major concern in these quality-intensive applications affecting the structural integrity of critical components. Interface terminal enables operator to designate blasting parameters such as nozzle stroke length and oscillation speeds, ONOFF status of selected nozzles, part rotation speeds, and blast duration by simply inputting the appropriate part identification number. Glass-bead system for peening jet-engine turbine blades incorporates vertically oscillating nozzles, a vibratory bead classifier, and one rotating work station.

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  • size 60-inch

batch processing systems, which include both continuous and indexing turntable machines, are ideal for parts requiring long blast cycles. In the typical work scenario, the operator loads work pieces onto the turntable, sets the timer, starts the machine and returns when the cycle is completed. By adding a blowoff manifold and timer, which automatically remove residual material from the part and turntable, the operator is freed from the often dusty task of manual blow-off. Empire’s PF-4848-RS with a 36-inch turntable, our PF-6060-RS with a 48-inch turntable and the PF- 7272-RS with a 60-inch turntable feature rotating blast guns that assure even coverage. Blast-head and tablerotation speeds are both variable to meet a wide range of production requirements. Rotary blast heads for these machines are available with four, six or nine blast guns

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High-Production Systems Cartridge Collectors

  • Size 40”x 65” x 150”

Designed for dust collection with high-production equipment such as automated air-blast systems, these EM cartridge collectors increase air flow, provide more filtration area and clean filters automatically. The filter-cleaning system features a photohelic gauge provided as standard equipment. This unit responds to high and low set points—measured in terms of pressure differential across the filtering material—to activate the jet-pulse cleaning process. Once the pressure limits have been set, these collectors essentially clean themselves.

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rotary heads

Empire’s rotary blast head delivers tremendous coverage while conserving compressed air. When the application calls for it, our rotary head will outperform any horizontal-nozzle oscillator, including our own, by reducing the number of blast guns and energy required for the job. Our rotary heads contribute to the outstanding performance of our in-line conveyor, continuous turntable and batch turntable machines. To process flat parts uniformly, a horizontal oscillator extends the reach of the rotary head shown above. With the addition of the oscillator, the single six-gun head provides even blast coverage and consistent finishing results from the center to the circumference of the system’s 48” powered turntable. Adjustable blast-head clearance and nozzle angles, combined with variable head and turntable speeds, not only make Empire rotary-head machines versatile; they also assure precise control of cleaning and finishing processes.

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Wire Mesh Belt Blasters

  • widths 12"

Versatile, rugged systems that deliver consistent, repeatable results  Easy to install, simple to operate Gibson Wire Mesh Belt Blasters offer the ability to utilize a blasting machine in conjunction with another machine to automate a process reducing high labor costs normally associated with batch type blasters. They come in many belt widths beginning with our 12" wide belt and are offered in larger widths. They also come with multiple blast wheels and horse powers with a level of speed and efficiency unmatched by other equipment manufactures. Gibson produces these flow through type units in many different sizes and configurations and can be customized to accommodate your blasting needs. The operator or robot loads parts onto a manganese mesh belt while the blaster does the work, with no need for opening and closing doors. By flowing these parts within the blast envelope, these machines deliver consistent results automatically while working non-stop in a multi-shift production facility. May require an additional operator depending on how the process is organized. These rugged machines can automate your process whether you are just cleaning or removing flash from die-cast parts this is a great option for automating and streamlining your shot blast process. .

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  • Model VTG-5LR
  • diameter 55" 68" 92" 116" 124" 136"

Since 1965, the founders of CLM VIBETECH, Inc. have produced, serviced, repaired and restored Vibratory Equipment. Drawing on the experience from working on almost every brand of vibratory machines, CLM VIBE TECH Inc. has designed a full line of vibratory equipment using the best features available in today’s industry. As a customer said after seeing all the brands in the plant for repair, “Looks like you build the best and fix the rest”. That statement is very true. From the inside out our machines are built with experience. Industry’s best designed and proven oil lubricated drive system incorporates double-row spherical bearings, large heavy-duty shaft and a thick-walled cartridge. (Grease lubrication system on small capacity models.) • All heavy-duty welded construction. • Minimum 1" thick premium polyurethane lining (three grades available including hot pour). • Exterior mounted components provide easy access for maintenance and service. • Extra large springs for durability. • Control panels are built to our customers requirements, from simple push button starters to fully automated PLC controls with digital displays.

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  • MODEL VTG-2810

The vibratory finisher is the most common and versatile of all mass finishing styles of equipment. The VibeTech finisher comes is sizes ranging from 1 to 100 cubic feet, available with or without internal separation, and comes with a variety of pre-engineered options or can be a part of a fully automated work cell. The vibratory drive at the center of the machine creates a toroidal motion in the bowl, which is a spiraling roll of media, parts, and solution. Two different motions are happening to finish the parts. The first is that the parts are rolling and sliding across the media which is a tumbling action. The second is that the machine is vibrating at 1, 450 RPM, which is lapping the parts quickly to give a finer and more complete finish than classic tumblers. If bought with internal separation then the true benefit of this equipment is realized when parts are separated from the media when the desired result is achieved. The versatility of this machine is almost infinite. With amplitude and lead angle adjustments, optional variable frequency drives to adjust speed, and thousands of media and compound choices, the VTL0004-00 VT Vibratory Finisher process options are endless. Whether you are: deburring heavy stampings, smoothing fine china, polishing bullets, removing machining lines from aerospace components, descaling heat treated parts, or removing heat marks from laser cut parts, almost every manufactured component can benefit from a vibratory finishing process.

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  • MODEL VTHT-1724
  • WIDTH 17.5
  • LENGTH 24

Tub finishers (or trough vibrators) are versatile finishing machines for medium to large parts. Most processes involve allowing parts to rotate freely within the mass. Based on cubic foot capacity no other style gives you the channel width of a Tub finisher. Parts requiring little or no part on part impingement (contact damage) can be easily separated with removable compartment dividers. The location of the dividers can be customized to suit. Typically delicate or high dollar parts are segmented with dividers to ensure a precise surface finish and batch integrity (or traceability). The heavy-duty, interlocking structural design forms a U-shaped trough, with a premium poly-urethane (multiple grades of shore hardness available) lining and drain(s), mounted on coated coil springs, and a thick-wall tubing base frame. The drive consists of a premium efficiency motor driving an VTL0001-00 VTHT TUB FINISHERS offset drive shaft with easily adjustable weights, to increase or decrease the aggression of the machine. In large machines universal joints are used to link motor to drive shaft and in longer machines they are used to link multiple drive shafts together.

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Vacuum Recovery Systems

  • diameters 18, 24 or 30 inches

Empire’s Vacuum Recovery Systems (VRS) quickly and economically recover media to all Empire SuperBlast® portables, as well as other pressure pots with diameters of 18, 24 or 30 inches. These pneumatically powered systems convey as much as 140 pounds of A-36 aluminum oxide per minute—more than 8, 000 pounds an hour—up a nine-foot lift with 200 cfm of air at 100 psi. Standard models, using only 100 cfm, are available for less demanding applications. Empire Vacuum Recovery Systems feature rugged welded construction and a durable finish. Standard equipment includes: • Storage hopper with viewing window • High-velocity venturi head • Two-inch adjustable carburetor • Floor-load hopper with trash screen • Two-inch inlet and outlet connections • Options are available for “pull-chain” Empire’s Vacutrans™, a high-velocity venturi head, enables retrieval of media at rates exceeding 8, 000 pounds per hour. Optional silencers and exhaust-hose extensions are available for sound attenuation.

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Baking Soda Blast Cabinet

  • Model PSB 2342-600

The Bicarbonator pressure blast cabinet, model PSB 2342-600, is designed for use with sodium bicarbonate media for cleaning and paint stripping. Soda media is soft, making it ideal for cleaning without altering or etching delicate surfaces. Soda media is water-soluble, non-toxic, and non-hazardous, simplifying its removal and disposal. Parts with internal cavities are easily rinsed clean. This model is for intermittent blasting, up to two hours per day. For higher-production soda blasting, Aerolyte can configure a pressure cabinet to suit your operation. The Aerolyte Bicarbonator Cabinet Features Safety • Door interlock system interrupts blasting when either door is opened • Optional time-delay locking system keeps doors locked for predetermined time • Double-wall, insulated doors, reduce exterior noise • Full-opening doors with lift-off hinges maximize work chamber capacity and ease loading large parts • Full-length, neoprene-on-fabric gloves offer long wear life and operator protection • Dual 15-watt fluorescent lights illuminate the work chamber and stay cool

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  • pressure 650

With Empire’s pneumatic blast and recovery system (PRS), you can tap the cost-saving advantages of more durable media for only a modest investment. The PRS lets you move up to recyclable media such as aluminum oxide, chilled iron and steel grit, which can be used effectively over and over—from 6 to 200 times. Conservative studies show an investment in a PRS is recouped in as few as ten weeks in terms of reduced costs for replacement media, disposal of spent media and man-hours required to move this material around. After that, years of higher profits lie ahead. The PRS relies on an exclusive cyclonic media reclaimer, which extracts good, reusable media from unwanted dust and debris. As a result, you get consistent performance from your media cycle after cycle. The PRS incorporates a SuperBlast 650 pressure system with 780 remote controls for ease of operation and maintenance. A dust collector, which captures 99% of particles one micron in size, permits conveying air to be recirculated into the workplace, thereby reducing HVAC costs. The system’s 10-horsepower blower extends effective work area and recovers media at rates exceeding 70 pounds per minutes. These units handle media sizes up to A-12 aluminum oxide and G-25 steel grit.

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Wide Belt Sanding Machines

  • widths 37", 43” and 52"

Midwest Automation manufactures a variety of wide belt sanding machines offering superior results, easy operation, and dependable service at competitive prices. Made in USA, machines include the Patriot 2 line of wide belt sanders with one, two and three head confi gurations for 8 to 16 hours of operation per day where fewer passes are required to achieve the desired results. Bottom line? We help you sand better, increase productivity, and improve quality.

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Hanger Blast System

  • Capacity 500 lb
  • Standard Machine Height 170 in
  • Standard Machine Weight 8300 lb

Gibson spinner hanger blasting systems provide a cost-effective solution to batch cleaning. They are designed and built for ease of use and efficiency. Standard Blast Wheel HP Two-7.5 HP Blast Wheel Upgrade Options Two-10 HP Single Air Wash Separator 20 in Low Abrasive Indicator Standard Initial Abrasive Fill 1000 lb Standard Hanger Capacity 500 lb Dust Collector CFM Required 2000 CFM Rotary Screen Optional Optimal Blast Area Diameter x Height 36 x 36 in Pitless Design Yes Standard Machine Height 170 in Standard Machine Width 156 in Standard Machine Depth 117 in Standard Machine Weight 8300 lb Noise level 85 dB

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Big Clem Bulk Blasters

  • MODEL P-100
  • diameter 12” , 16”

Econo-Blast portables are compact pressure blasters that share many features with their big brother, SuperBlast. Available in three sizes with grit capacities of 1, 1.5 and 3 cubic feet, these portables include ASME vessel certification for safety, flexible air hose for ease of maintenance, wheels for portability and a pressure gauge. Less grit capacity and smaller nozzles make these units ideal for spot blasting and detail work, particularly on a limited budget. Larger Econo-Blast models can be equipped with Empire’s patented Sure-Flo grit valve and 680 or 780 remote controls, described on page 9, for safety. With these controls, blasting stops when the nozzle is released. Complete packages are available to protect the operator from blasting and potentially hazardous dust per OSHA requirements. Further, these packages include all the blasting equipment and accessories necessary to get you up and running safely. XL Packages offered with 150 and 300 models contain the following items: • Air-fed respirator helmet with 50 helmet lenses • Personal air filter • 25-foot starter breathing hose • 25 feet of blast hose with couplings • DC3-3 Di-Carb nozzle • Package of ten coupling washers • Package of 10 nozzle washers Using a 316” nozzle, Econo-Blast portables require only 38 SCFM at 80 psi and can be equipped with smaller nozzles to accommodate smaller air compressors.

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  • Dimensions 25"L x 18"W x 42"H
  • Capacity 50 lb.

The Accustrip System® is designed for use with ARMEX® Blast Media, a formulated sodium bicarbonate abrasive. This environmentally friendly process is ideal for industrial cleaning, architectural cleaning, graffiti removal, cleaning and deodorizing fire, smoke and mold damage, and paint removal. Simple operation and a maintenance-friendly design make the Accustrip System easy to use and easy to own. A selection of nozzles is available for applications ranging from stripping delicate substrates and cleaning applications to paint stripping and corrosion removal. FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Versatile system used for general maintenance, cleaning, degreasing, graffiti removal, depainting and other surface preparation • Gentle but effective process safe for use on virtually any surface: brick, limestone, concrete, granite, metal, glass and tiles1 • Uses ARMEX® nontoxic, nonhazardous* and nonsparking media • Streamlined piping provides more efficient air usage and ease of maintenance • Moisture separator, moisture eliminator and water trap pop-up valve keep blast media flowing smoothly. Optional AirPrep system (air dryer or aftercooler) available • 45° cone provides optimum media flow • Gauge console allows for easy monitoring of all blast parameters • Available with Thompson Valve® II abrasive metering valve or ARMEX® Media Valve

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Dual Chamber Spinner Hangers

  • Loading Capacity 125 to 2,000 pounds

Speed batch blasting of sensitive parts  Deliver 360° workpiece coverage  Continue working during loading Gibson Spinner Hangers provide an ideal solution for batch blasting many types of parts too fragile or awkward for other methods of automated finishing. These systems play a profit-boosting role across a broad range of metal intensive industries by improving quality and efficiency during the cleaning, peening, prepping and finishing of almost any workpiece suitable for mounting on hooks. Our systems include two work chambers mounted on an indexing turntable. As the turntable steps through programmed positions, one chamber exposes parts to a contained blast stream emanating from high-efficiency wheels while the other opens to the operator, who loads and unloads parts from the uncontained chamber. To assure uniform coverage, a spindle rotates the hangers within the working chamber's blast envelope. Like all Gibson systems, our Spinner Hangers are easy to operate and install. Plus, they deliver consistent results whether working intermittently or non-stop in a multishift production facility. PLC programming assures repeatable performance cycle after cycle, and cast liners on work-chamber walls extend equipment life. Hanger capacities from 125 to 2, 000 pounds fit most applications.

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Hanger Table Blast systems

  • Diameter x Height 60 x 72 in
  • Capacity 1500 lb

Gibson spinner hanger blasting systems provide a cost-effective solution to batch cleaning. They are designed and built for ease of use and efficiency. Standard Blast Wheel HP Three-15 HP Double Air Wash Separator Two-30 in Low Abrasive Indicator Standard Initial Abrasive Fill 6000 lb Standard Hanger Capacity 1500 lb Dust Collector CFM Required 4000 CFM Rotary Screen Standard Optimal Blast Area Diameter x Height 60 x 72 in Pitless Design Yes Standard Machine Height 18 ft 2 in Standard Machine Width 9 ft 6 in Standard Machine Depth 10 ft 7 in Standard Machine Weight 15000 lb Noise level 85 dB

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Wet Blasting

  • Model WT36RP
  • Dimensions 36” x 36”

The Wet Tech process uses a water and media slurry driven by our proprietary high volume pump with regulated compressed air across the surface for your own application. Your Advantage. You benefit by eliminating manual or dry blasting and the use of chemicals and their disposal, as well as the combination of simultaneous applications. Our Commitment. Wet Tech’s products processes are the result of listening to our customers. Our innovative engineering and non corrosive materials provide our customers highly durable and low maintenance processes. Through our global network of distributors, you receive a high level of support along with a more efficient surface finishing process.

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  • Model VSH - 1500

CONTACT WHEEL AND BELT ATTACHMENT This accessory, as shown in the picture at the right offers advantages over the typical method of mounting the idlers on the floor. Because the contact wheel, backstand idlers and guards are all mounted to a support frame that is secured to the base of the machine, it is possible to move or relocate the lathe without remounting or realigning the idlers. The Contact Wheel and Belt Attachment can only be supplied if ordered at the same time as the polishing lathe. Available with Spring Tensioned idlers or Air Tensioned idlers. The Air Tensioned idlers are recommended for belt speeds of 7500 SFPM and faster due to larger diameter pulleys. GUARDS All polishing and sanding wheels must be guarded to protect the operator. Operating without guards may lead to serious injury. This is stated in a warning sign attached to every machine. G&P offers guards as listed below. Prices for guards will be supplied upson receipt of details of the application.

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THRU FEED machines

  • Model V1472TF
  • Length 6 ft.
  • Width 14"

Almco thru-feed machines are integrated with media handling systems including an oscillating parts-media separator. Which features a secondary “fines” screen deck for continuous removal of undersized media and a media return conveyor for complete automatic processing of high production parts. Thru-feed machines are ideally suited for high volume, short-cycle de-burring and finishing of castings, stampings, and forgings. These machines are excellent to incorporate with optional automatic parts load and unloading mechanisms for increased efficiencies. Parts may be fed into the machine at short intervals, direct from preceding operations. Systems are ideally suited for incorporating washer, dryer, or rust inhibiting operations. Machines may also be equipped to process parts using steel, ceramic, or plastic media.

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  • Model VTG-3816C
  • diameter 48" 66" 66" 71" 80" 88" 96" 116"

Since 1965, the founders of CLM VIBETECH, Inc. have produced, serviced, repaired and restored Vibratory Equipment. Drawing on the experience from working on almost every brand of vibratory machines, CLM VIBE TECH Inc. has designed a full line of vibratory equipment using the best features available in today’s industry. As a customer said after seeing all the brands in the plant for repair, “Looks like you build the best and fix the rest”. That statement is very true. From the inside out our machines are built with experience Industry’s best designed and proven oil lubricated drive system incorporates double-row spherical bearings, large heavy-duty shaft and a thick-walled cartridge. (Grease lubrication system on small capacity models.) • All heavy-duty welded construction. • Minimum 1" thick premium polyurethane lining (three grades available including hot pour). • Exterior mounted components provide easy access for maintenance and service. • Extra large springs for durability. • Most items needed for maintenance are available locally or on our shelf. We have the fewest custom made parts in the industry.

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  • Diameter 30", 36"
  • Model RF-3036

FRONT LOAD CABINET WASHER Heavy duty construction Multi-stage units available Pass through units available

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U Bend

  • Model RT-2400
  • DIAMETER 24", 30"

Stainless steel construction Up to 5 stages Highly efficient use of space Several belt widths available

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  • capacity 125 lb. and 200 lb

Ultrasonic cleaning is a result of high frequency sound waves introduced into a cleaning liquid by means of a series of “transducers” mounted to the cleaning tank. The sound travels throughout the tank and creates waves of compression and expansion in the liquid. In the compression wave, the molecules of the cleaning liquid are tightly compressed together. Conversely, in the expansion wave, the molecules are rapidly pulled apart. The expansion is so dramatic that the molecules are ripped apart, creating microscopic bubbles. The bubbles are not seen by the naked eye since they are so small and exist for only a split second of time. The bubbles contain a partial vacuum while they exist. As the pressure around the bubbles becomes greater, the fluid around the bubble rushes in, collapsing the bubble very rapidly. This violent collapse, combined with the liquid jets velocity, provides a very intense cleaningscrubbing action in a minute area. This scrubbing action exists throughout the cleaning bath. When utilizing detergents designed for a specific application, a synergistic cleaning action is produced.

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  • Series HZ
  • dimensions 34 X 30 X 30

CENTRIFUGAL BARREL Finish parts up to 20 times faster than conventional vibratory Optional screendeck for efficiency Removable liners

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cartridge collector

  • Operating Temperature 150°F/66°C

The breakthrough performance of the Downflo® Evolution (DFE) family of cartridge dust collectors is the result of Donaldson Torit’s relentless drive to improve its products and exceed customer expectations. Donaldson Torit put decades of industry experience to work to produce a new, best-in-class dust collector capable of reducing equipment size and number of required filters by up to 40% compared to a typical cartridge collector. A smaller collector helps lower the initial purchase price, reduces filter replacement costs, and opens up valuable manufacturing floor space. This state of the art collector, coupled with Donaldson’s industry-leading Ultra-Web® nanofiber filtration technology, is truly an intelligent design.

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mist collector

  • Models DMC-MMA
  • Dimension 30.3 769.6 16.0 406.4 8.0 203.2 15.8 401.3

Dryflo® mist collectors from Donaldson® Torit® are effective and efficient mist filtration solutions, providing a more productive work environment by reducing coolant and machining oil mists in a machine-mountable package. The Dryflo® provides high performance technology and easy, predictable maintenance. • High performance three-stage filtration improves collection efficiency at every stage • Provides a cleaner work environment for maximum productivity • Reduces risk of mist related hazards • Quick and easy filter changes—workers have minimal contact with collected oil • Predictable maintenance with a differential pressure gauge • Lower plant maintenance costs • Mounts directly onto a machining center to collect oil, water-soluble, semi-synthetic and synthetic coolant • Low profile • 10-year warranty • Helps support OSHA Clean Air Standards

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fume collector

  • Model Easy-Trunk
  • Dimension 28.0 711.2 40.9 1038.9 38.6 980.4

Compact, portable fume collectors effectively filter smoke, dust, and fumes from welding and grinding applications.For heavier duty or more frequent plant operations • Built-in pulse filter cleaning system • Push buttons conveniently located on front of unit andor on fume hood • Ultra-Web® nanofiber filters provide high MERV* 15 filtration efficiency per ASHRAE 52.2-2007 • “Plug and go” operation • Fits easily through standard doorway PORTA-TRUNK™ COLLECTOR • For light duty or infrequent plant operations • Static (non-pulsed) filter system • Operating controls conveniently located on fume hood • Ultra-Web® nanofiber filters provide high MERV* 15 filtration efficiency per ASHRAE 52.2-2007 • “Plug and go” operation • Fits easily through standard doorway

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