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Other Products / Services

Our product range comtains a wide range of POBCO Assemblies, POBCO Plastic "U" Handles, POBCO Polyurethane Roller Covers, Dual Durometer Rollers and POBCO Cross Blocks

POBCO Assemblies

  • Cable Dia. 3/8
  • Bolt Size 1/4

POBCO Pulleys are normally furnished in green UHMWPE-Ultra-D, Nylon(s), Delrin(s) and lubricant-filled POBCO-B hardwood. POBCO pulleys require no lubrication and are particularly adaptable to the wet, chemical laden environments commonly found in the food-can-beverage industry.

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POBCO Plastic "U" Handles

  • Color Orange, Grey, White, Red

POBCO Plastic "U" Handles Can be used with Lexan and Plexiglas plastics (see Machine Guards) Body: Thermoplastic, glass fiber reinforced matte finish Part number designates the color black. Special colors (Orange, Grey, White, Red) are available upon request.

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POBCO Polyurethane Roller Covers

  • Color Orange

POBCO Polyurethane Roller Covers Interface Fit Roll Covers Extend the life of existing rollers with POBCO Polyurethane roller covers These covers function as a protective barrier to both the roller surface and the materials being conveyed. Covers will not scratch or mar product. They are suitable for may applications including systems with steep inclines in which the urethane helps to grip and move the product more efficiently. POBCO offers the covers in USDAFDA compliant Safety Orange color, with 8588 Durometer.

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Dual Durometer Rollers

  • Inside Dia. (Shaft Size) 3/8"
  • Outside Dia 1

Dual Durometer Rollers Rollers are offered with a hard 75D (red) antifriction urethane core, with a softer 90A (yellow) outer roller surface. Provided in 12" lengths, these rollers can be cut to length as needed to suit many industrial requirements. They are an economical option for wheels, rollers, casters, spacers, etc.

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POBCO Cross Blocks

  • MATERIAL all plastic

POBCO Cross Blocks Quick Release Cross Block Material: Reinforced Polyamide, Hardware in 304 SS. Knobs in Polyamide with brass bushings. Click here for: Bracket & Guide Rail Combo Examples Cross Block with Knobs Connects two round rods at 90°. Each side of the cross block can be quickly adjusted by loosening the hand knob.

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POBCO Screw Conveyor Flight Edging

  • ULTRA-D Part No. PFE4-6-063
  • "A" Dia. of Screw 6"

POBCO Ultra-D Flight Edging is used to snap-on over the screw conveyor flight to extend the life of the flight and to allow for improved clean-out of the trough. It is normally installed by winding it along the screw so that it snaps on in the well between the flights and secured with metal rivets. Starting at one end the UHMW plastic is tapped into place by moving along the length of the screw. This Ultra-D plastic is stabilized against ultra-violet light radiation. The center bearing on short conveyors can sometimes be eliminated when the center of the screw sits lightly in the trough.

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  • Thickness 1/8”
  • Width & Length Tolerances +.50/-.25"

POBCO products are made from a variety of high performance materials. Many materials are available as rectangular wear strips. POBCO can also offer the following products as full or part sheet and rod. UHMW sheets are available in the following thickness and widths. Choose from: POBCO Ultra-D (white) POBCO Plus (lube-filled UHMW) POBCO HiWear (black) POBCO Black Reprocessed POBCO Green Reprocessed & POBCO Anti-Static Black.

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POBCO 304 Stainless Steel Foot Mounts

POBCO 304 Stainless Steel Foot Mounts wAnchoring Hole Designed for food & beverage and chemical processing equipment. Anchoring plates provide secure connection to floor. Advantages: Rubber meets FDA 177.2600 Operating temperature -20 to 100 °C Washdown applications Highly polished rounded base 5° swivel for good floor contact Rounded Polished base for fluid run-off

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POBCO Bead Roller Rails

POBCO Bead Roller Rails POBCO Bead-Roller Rails provide low-friction guiding surface for ease in eliminating conveyed products jamups. The guiding surface is enhanced by multiple number of bead-rollers making contact with conveyed products. Materials and Specifications: Clear Coated Aluminum 6063 wAcetal Plastic Bead Rollers. 10FT. LENGTHS ONLY. See S.S. Bracket Selection including #GRB-PB-SS and #GRB-FB Series.

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POBCO Wear Strip

Chain and Cable Guides Roller Chain GuideAvailable in POBCO-B Wood Bearing Material and a variety of POBCO Plastics, including: POBCO Ultra-D (UHMWPE) POBCO Plus (Food Grade fluid Lube-Filled UHMWPE) POBCO SRU (Static Reduced UHMWPE) POBCO Hi-Wear (Longer Life) POBCO Dry-Wear (Longer Life) POBCO PTFE (Hi-Temp) and POBCO Acetal (Delrin®) and POBCO-B Wood Bearing Material

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POBCO FEP Roll Covers

  • Nominal Dia. Inches 1/2"

PTFE Heat Shrinkable Flexible Tubing FEP Roller PreperationRoller Preparation: The surfaces of the roll to be covered should be smooth, clean, and dry. Although it is not necessary to turn or grind the roller surface down, foreign material such as oil, loose scale, product build-up, etc. must be removed (this is best accomplished by using non-oil base solvent such as acetone or toluene). Slip the tubing onto the roller carefully so as to avoid nicks, creases or scratches. Trim tubing to length, leaving at least two inches extra on each end of roll surface. A heat source is required to shrink the tubing onto the roll to be covered. A commercial hot air gun capable of delivering temperatures between 500°F and 1000°F is adequate. Two heat guns are recommended to ensure a smooth, uniform covering without wrinkling. Additionally, the roller and the tube should be rotated at a fairly uniform speed.

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POBCO Ultra-D Tube Stock

  • Nominal ID 1/2"

POBCO Ultra-D Tube Stock Dimensions listed are NOMINAL, not exact. Supplied in 5 ft. or 10 ft. lengths in natural UHMW. Inside Diameter is undersized to allow for machining to size, and Outside Diameter is oversized to allow for machining to size. Inquire for details. Other Sizes, Materials, and colors available, please inquire. UHMW thin wall extrusions and close tolerances available with custom runs.

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POBCO Neck Guides

  • Material High Performance (Gray UHMW)

POBCO Neck Guides for PET Bottles Neck Guides for high speed air conveying applications. Discuss your application with our Sales Department for material selection.

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POBCO Medium Duty Sanitary Mounts

  • Part Number PPPB12
  • Shaft Diameter 3/4"

White thermoplastic housing with POBCO Plus (Lube-Filled UHMW) bearing insert is non-corrosive and ideal for wet, medium duty applications. Maximum loads will vary depending on RPM of shaft, please inquire. POBCO Plus has a low coeffiecient of friction and is USDA and FDA compliant.

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POBCO Threaded Tube Ends

  • Fits Tube Size 1", 16 GA
  • Thread Size 3/8-16

POBCO Threaded Tube Ends for Square and Round Tubes Material: Black Reinforced Nylon with Threaded Brass Inserts Used as supports with adjustable leveling mounts in machinery and conveyor equipment

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POBCO Hygienic Stainless Steel Mounts

  • Base Ht H (in) 1.30

POBCO FDA Approved and Hygienic Stainless Steel Mounts Newly approved Stainless Steel Mounts meet all USDA requirements for food processing equipment. Rubber contains no voids and is vulcanized to the housing for a completely hygienic seal. ANSI 304 Stainless Steel provides high corrosion resistance. Full range of motion up to 10° pivot provides secure footing and complete vibration control. Available in fully FDA approved version with thread casing.

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