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  • Corn

    At SunOpta we specialize in organic, non-GMO and Identity Preserved (IP) corn ingredients. We provide a wide selection of non-GMO corn varieties including waxy, yellow dent and specialty corn. Waxy corn's starch (97 percent amylopectin starch) contributes unique gelling properties for food and ...

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  • Dried Fruit

    At SunOpta, we manufacture and import organic dried fruit. Full container loads and inventory programs are offered for the following types of dried fruit: Coconut Banana Dates Figs Goldenberries Pineapple Sultanas Thompson Raisins Mango Prunes Sour ...

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  • Fruits Individually Quick Frozen Fruits

    At SunOpta, we manufacture, import and export individually quick frozen (IQF) organic fruits. Full container loads and inventory programs are offered for the following fruits: Apricot Aronia Banana Black, Red Currant Blackberry Blueberry Boysenberry Cherry (Sour ...

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  • High Oleic Sunflower Kernel

    In the 1970s, SunOpta transformed the sunflower industry by introducing the SL® 80 extended shelf-life high oleic sunflower kernel. SunOpta's SL® 80 kernel is the most functional, healthy, and economical sunflower ingredient for food manufacturers and consumers. Compared to traditional sunflower, ...

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  • Natural Fruit Snacks

    SunOpta offers a variety of natural fruit snacks. Strawberry, Wild berry, Raspberry, Grape, Cherry, Mango and Tropical are just a few tasty flavors that you'll find in the following healthy snacks: Extruded Fruit Strips Fruit Twists Fruit Rafts Fruit Straws Fruit ...

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  • organic citrus

    Tradin Organic, a division of SunOpta, sources and supplies domestic and imported citrus NFC juices, concentrates and essential oils as well as other citrus by-products. We offer full container load and inventory programs.

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  • Organic Coconut Sugar

    Coconut sugar is made from the sugary sap of the Palmyra palm, date palm and coconut palms. It is a sweetener that resembles brown sugar, yet has a rich, savory flavor. APPLICATIONS Baked Goods (high burn temp, low melt temp) Cookies Bars and Snacks Anywhere cane sugar ...

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  • Soybeans

    SunOpta produces a wide range of whole grains with the highest level of quality, consistency and natural health benefits. Specializing in organic, non-GMO and Identity Preserved (IP) food ingredients, SunOpta has over 30 years of experience providing innovative soy ingredients for healthy and ...

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  • SunFlower

    Over 45 years of experience in the sunflower industry makes us a leading innovator and supplier of sunflower. Working directly with growers, we are involved in every step of the process from seed-to-table. We are committed to researching, developing and supplying new sunflower products. Our ...

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