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  • Activated Carbon Filter
    Activated Carbon Filter
  • Cartridge Filter
    Cartridge Filter
  • Hepa Filters
    Hepa Filters
  • Air Filters
    Air Filters
  • Oil Filter Machine
    Oil Filter Machine
  • Pressure Filter
    Pressure Filter
  • Oil Filters
    Oil Filters
  • Fabric Filter
    Fabric Filter
  • Industrial Filters
    Industrial Filters
  • Ceramic Filter
    Ceramic Filter
  • Hydraulic Clamp
    Hydraulic Clamp
  • Vacuum Filter
    Vacuum Filter
  • Fuel Filters
    Fuel Filters
  • Carbon Filters
    Carbon Filters
  • Micron Filters
    Micron Filters
  • Dust Filter
    Dust Filter
  • Paint Booth Filters
    Paint Booth Filters
  • Particulate Filter
    Particulate Filter
  • Ceramic Foam Filter
    Ceramic Foam Filter
  • Depth Filter
    Depth Filter
  • Inline Filters
    Inline Filters
  • Self Cleaning Filters
    Self Cleaning Filters
  • Pneumatic Filter
    Pneumatic Filter
  • Carbon Block Filter
    Carbon Block Filter
  • Spin-On Filter
    Spin-On Filter
  • Panel Filters
    Panel Filters
  • Tank Filter
    Tank Filter
  • Liquid Filters
    Liquid Filters
  • Gas Filters
    Gas Filters
  • Diesel Filters
    Diesel Filters
  • Screen Filters
    Screen Filters
  • Line Filters
    Line Filters
  • Electrostatic Filter
    Electrostatic Filter
  • EDM Filters
    EDM Filters
  • Stainless Steel Filter
    Stainless Steel Filter
  • Lube Oil Filters
    Lube Oil Filters
  • Sintered Stainless Steel Filter
    Sintered Stainless Steel Filter
  • Pump Filters
    Pump Filters
  • Bin Vent Filter
    Bin Vent Filter
  • Cellulose Filters
    Cellulose Filters
  • OEM Filters
    OEM Filters
  • Air Intake Filter
    Air Intake Filter
  • Wound Filters
    Wound Filters
  • Air Compressor Filters
    Air Compressor Filters
  • Diesel Particulate Filters
    Diesel Particulate Filters
  • Exhaust Filters
    Exhaust Filters
  • Spray Booth Filters
    Spray Booth Filters
  • Disposable Filters
    Disposable Filters
  • Paint Filters
    Paint Filters
  • Tubular Filters
    Tubular Filters
  • Coolant Filters
    Coolant Filters
  • Industrial Filtration Systems
    Industrial Filtration Systems
  • Full-flow Filter
    Full-flow Filter
  • Replacement Filter
    Replacement Filter
  • Oil Removal Filters
    Oil Removal Filters
  • Steam Filters
    Steam Filters
  • High Pressure Filter
    High Pressure Filter
  • Surface Filter
    Surface Filter
  • Metal Filters
    Metal Filters
  • Vacuum Pump Filters
    Vacuum Pump Filters
  • Low Pressure Filter
    Low Pressure Filter
  • Grease Filters
    Grease Filters
  • Diesel Fuel Filters
    Diesel Fuel Filters
  • Suction Filters
    Suction Filters
  • Trap Filters
    Trap Filters
  • Coalescing Filters
    Coalescing Filters
  • Pneumatic Air Filter
    Pneumatic Air Filter
  • Lube Filters
    Lube Filters
  • Charcoal Filters
    Charcoal Filters

  • Industrial Filters

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    • Warranty : 1 Year
    • Flow Rate (cubic meters/hr) : 500-1000, 1000-2000
    • Height (mm) : 65
    • SIze : 3, 6, 12 and 25 micron

    We have a team of efficient personnel who sternly check the raw materials before final procurement. Thus, we ensure a qualitative array of products at customer's end. We have gained complete customers satisfaction as we make maintain proper schedules for the delivery of the consi more...

  • Oil Removing Filters

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    • Max. Flow SCFM : 27 SCFM
    • Model No. : F452W
    • Pipe Size : 1/4"
    • Bowl Type : Metal Bowl w/Sight Glass
    • Bowl Capacity : 6 oz.

    F452W OIL REMOVING FILTER FEATURES • Low pressure drop • Long element life • Pop-up indicator indicates abnormal condition such as plugged element or excessive flow. Critical protection requires changing element at regular intervals. • Manual 18" NPT twist drain • In-li more...



    Arrow Pneumatics Inc

    2111 West 21st Street Broadview, Il 60155

  • Dp6sh201ea10v/w Top Shaft Oil Pump Filter

    Price : Rs 1.35 k / Pack (Approx)

    • Type : Oil Filter Machine

    21FC1529-110*600/6 filterW.38.Z.000205 21CC1244-150*915 coalescing filterDiatomaceous earth filter element Model: 30-150-207, 30-150-217 YP07H36CGF03V Filter cartridge 4PD140*400E10CFilter element W.38.A.0017 QTL-6021AZA3L250E5-BZ1 filter JJ915Dewatering filter 24ac1114-160x460/b more...


    Also Deals In : 0850R010BN/HC Circulating oil double cylinder filter instead of filter, HQ25.600.14Z Oil pump outlet oil filter instead of filter, 1300R025W Double cylinder oil filter replaces filter, 2600R050W Double cylinder oil filter instead of filter, FAX-250x10 fuel tank return filter, NWU-122-352-50 double barrel lubricating oil filter, 300373 Hydraulic Coupler Filter, FRT081 anti-fuel filter element, HC9601FKP8H hydraulic system filter, 10TEN1000-H10XL oil station fine filter, 0400DN010BN/HC double cylinder replacement filter, 0240D003BN4HC alternative oil filter, HC8900FKS39H replaces double cylinder oil filter, Main pump outlet filter, ZNGL01010201 Double cylinder oil filter, HC8900FDS39H10m Blower lubricating oil filter, WR8900FOM39H-H Thin oil station lubricating oil filter, ES2 Coalescing water removal filter, 2600R010BN3HC Lubricating oil filter, HQ25.300.14Z Anti-fuel system filter, 21FC1421-140x250/14 Line filter, SE-030G10B/4 Thin oil station filter, 0100DN010BH/HC Pressure fine filter, DP6SH201EA10V/W Top shaft oil pump filter, Double Power Line Filters, DR405EA03V/-W Anti-fuel return filter, W310 Metal mesh filter, HH387DJ080MXF7-CH0038 Lubrication system double filter, 3PD14NX250E15C Lubricating oil filter, GL-110X160 Oil purifier CPC filter, ZA2LS400W-BZ1 Oil purifier CPC filter, 1700R005BN4HC Double cylinder oil filter, HP0520A06ANP03 Coal mill Feed pump filter, DR1A401EA03V/-W Wind power gear box lubricant filter, HH368DJ08KDVF1V7B-CY0005 Metal woven mesh filter, DL009001 Oil filter, SH-006 Cellulose filter JCA J010, hydraulic oil filter element, Hydraulic oil system filter element, KF-100Ax80D/Y Hydraulic station filter element, KF-40Ax80D/Y Hydraulic station filter element, KF-80Bx80DH/Y Oil station filter, 4PD110X400E15C Hydraulic station filter element, 2-5685-0484-99 Small machine oil filter, lubricating oil station duplex filter

  • Semi-automatic Filters

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    • Filtration volume : 216 in3
    • Battery height : 38-5/32
    • Battery width : 35-31/32
    • Weight : 350 lbs.

    Size: 3" & 4" disc filter batteries; 6-10" inletoutlet manifold diameter Capacity: Medium and high flow (440-2, 202 GPM) Micron-precise filtration of solids Innovative filter design captures and retains large amounts of solids Long-term operation with little maintenance Operation more...


    Also Deals In : Cartridge Filters, Bag Filters

    PEP Filters

    Mooresville, Nc 28117 Map

  • Air Filter

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    • Medium temperature : 41° - 120° F (5° - 50° C)
    • Port size : NPT 1/8 (G1/8)
    • Medium : Compressed air
    • Model : F13

    Conforms to ISO 5782 -1 q Suitable for Modular mounting q Steel bowl guard, bayonet type on F14, F15 & F17 models and threaded type on F13 model. q Press type Manual drain for easy operation. q Bronze filtering element. q Separator and shield for efficient moisture separation. more...

    Modern Fluid Power, Inc.

    Blanchester, Oh 45107 Map

  • Shower Filter

    Price : Rs 6.66 k / Pack (Approx)

    • MOQ : 1 Piece(s)
    • Application : shower
    • Brand Name : Aqua City
    • Place of Origin : USA
    • Type : Shower Filter
    • Model Number : SF-1

    Get great showers that leaves your hair feeling clean and freash. Help colored hair last 6-8 weeks longer between coloring. Removes harmful chemicals, lead and heavy metals while killing bacteria. 30-day money back quaranty. more...

    Aqua City, Inc.

    United states

  • Band Interference Elimination Filter

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    • Series : FLT-MFC-13961W

    C Band Terrestrial Interference Filter WiMAX, Radar & Transmit Band Reject Passband: 3.7 - 4.2 GHz Rejection: 45 db Min (3.65 4.25 GHz) Lightweight 1.125 Lbs (Approx) Compact Low Profile Design Ideal for Multifeed applications more...

    Viking SatCom, Inc.

    Albion, Mi 49224 Map

  • Mann Replacement Air Filter C14200

    Price : Rs 518 / Piece (Approx)

    • MOQ : 1 Piece(s)
    • Type : Air Filters
    • Filter Grade : Hepa Filter, Medium Filter
    • Color : pink
    • : Industrial
    • Efficiency : 99%

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  • Tube-bag Filters

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    • Media : 100% polypropylene meltblown
    • Size 2 dimensions : 7&1/16” OD x 27” length
    • Top Rings : Polypropylene flange or steel

    650 CUBIC inches of depth filtration –Fits most standard Size 2 housings: FSI, Rosedale, Cuno, Eaton and Eaton legacy (Hayward, Loeffler, GAF, Ronningen-Petter) –Controlled density media. Media gradient increasingly more efficient in inside-out flow path –Rugged handles for more...


    Also Deals In : TUBE-BAG FILTERS, Micron Polypropylene Filters, Synthetic Pleated Bag Filters, Cellulosic Pleated Bag Filters, Metalworking Fluids Filters

    Hoff Engineering Co., Inc.

    Oxford, Mi 48371 Map

  • Separator Cartridges

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    • OD : 3 1/16 in
    • Opposite End ID : Blind
    • Mounting End ID : 1 15/16 in

    Separator Cartridges are employed as the second stage in filter separator vessels. Their sole function is to repel coalesced water drops produced by the first stage cartridges while allowing hydrocarbon fluids to pass through. Water drops settle into the filter separator sump and more...


    Also Deals In : diesel filters, Separator Cartridges

    Filtration Corp. of America

    Glen Ellyn, Il 60137 Map

  • Tunable Bandpass Filters

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    • 3 dB BW NOM'L MHz : 10.0
    • 40 dB BW NOM'L MHz : 100
    • MODEL NO. : TCB45

    The TC Series Filters yield a butterworth (maximally flat) response and are available with 2 thru 8 cavities. Tuning is accomplished by means of a single knob which is coupled to a precision gear train. All conducting surfaces are silver plated to minimize insertion loss in the p more...

    Coleman Microwave Company

    Edinburg, Va 22824 Map

  • Passband Filter

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    • Operating Temperature : -20 to +65 oC
    • Passband Return Loss : > 15 dB
    • Passband : F0 + 0.0002 GHz

    PN 30281C-1 and 30281C-2 are unique K- and Ku-band filters with extremely narrow passband (less than 0.025%) and wide spurious free stopband (up to 50 GHz). Such a distinctive performance is accomplished by properly combining overmoded cavities with single-mode and evanescent mod more...

    RS Microwave Company, Inc.

    Butler, Nj 07405 Map

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  • Air Filter

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    • Part Number : 3112005

    Item Description Air Filter Package Quantity 1 Unit of Measure EA Application 1999-2006 Freightliner SLEEPER UNITS C120, C112, COLUMBIA, 112, COLUMBIA 120, 2002-2007 SLEEPER UNITS FLD 120, FLD 112, FLD 132, 2007-2010 SLEEPER UNITS FLD 120, CLASSIC 120; OEM 22-46891-000 more...


    Byron, Il 61010 Map

  • Edm Machines Filter

    Price : Rs 1.48 k / Piece (Approx)

    • Edm Filter : Edm Filter

    edm filter jw-32 & 340*25*450mm for charmilles with agie jadic edm part co., ltd is a manufacturer &exporter specializes who can provide you with the high quality edm spare parts, brand such as sodick, mitsubishi, charmilles, agie, makino, fanuc, seibu, ssg, hitachi, brother, jap more...

    Costco Group


  • Videojet Ink Line Filter

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    • SKU: : 205933
    • Quantity : 1
    • Models: : Videojet

    205933 Videojet Ink Line Filter FILTER, INK LINE 10 MICRON This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Be the first to review this product! more...


    Also Deals In : Videojet Ink Line Filter, Willett Blue Inline Filter, Videojet Vacuum Filter, Videojet Air Filter

    PrintJet Corp.

    Rockford, Il 61103 Map

  • Sv-spf1 - Filter

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    • Series : SV-SPF1

    SV-SPF1 - FILTER, TYPE 1, FINE PARTICLES Constructed with a concentrated weave to collect fine particles Used for laser printer and copier cleaning applications or around highly sensitive equipment Intended to provide a dry environment for electronic devices that will be re-flow more...


    Sanford, Nc 27332 Map

  • Replacement True Hepa Air Filter

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    • MOQ : 200 Set(s)
    • : for Philips Purifier Series 1000 FY1410 /FY1413
    • Max flow : 150-200cfm
    • Size : standard
    • Material : PP+PET
    • Feature : Best Grade Material

    Also Deals In : Air Filter, HEPA Air Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, PET Pleat Hepa Air Filter, Air Purifier Replacement Filter, High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter, Replacement True HEPA Air Filter, AC4158 Replacement Hepa Filter, Active Carbon Hepa Air Purifier Filter, Air Purifier Replacement Filter, Pleated Air Filter

  • Modular Filter

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    • Number of filter elements : 1
    • Filter type : Cartridge

    The Modular Filter System simply solves the need of cleaning the air from particles, smoke, dust, gases and smells. The modular construction means that the system is suitable for both small workspaces and larger manufacturing works. By supplementing with Nederman fans, extraction more...

    Nederman, Inc.

    Thomasville, Nc 27361

  • Bi-directional Broadband Dc Short Filter

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    • Frequency Range : 698 MHz to 2.16 GHz
    • RF Power : 750 W

    Bi-Directional Broadband DC Short Filter DC short, ultra low PIM, bi-directional coaxial RF protector with DIN Female and DIN male connectors. Bulkhead or flange mount ideal for microwave radios operating between 698 MHz and 2.16 GHz Features DC Short (not power supply provision) more...



  • Multigrade Filter

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    • Capacity : 1000 lph to 100,000 lph

    We are rated among the top manufacturers and suppliers of Multigrade Filter. These filters remove contaminants and suspended particles with minimum pressure drop. Multigrade filter is utilized for removal of suspended turbidity and solids from wastewater and water. This product i more...

    Pure water tech

    2500 Juan Tabo Blvd Ne Albuquerque, Nm 87112

  • Stainless Steel Powder Sintered Filter

    Price : Rs 74 - Rs 7.40 k / Meter

    • MOQ : 10 Meter
    • Brand Name : ubow
    • Application : industyr
    • Material : Stainless Steel
    • Type : Stainless Steel Filter
    • Feature : Durable, Easy To Clean, Fine Finishing, Light Weight, Rustproof, Shiny Look, Water Proof

    material: stainless steel 304, 304l, 304hc, 316, 316l, 321, 430 or as per your request. application: the filter has been widely used in transformer oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, aviation kerosene, petroleum, chemical, power plant, coal carbon, mining, pharmaceutical, food, and more...


    Also Deals In : Stainless Steel Johnson Exchange Nozzles Filter, stainless steel powder sintered filter, Stainless Steel Sintered Metal Filter Disc

  • 10 Replacement Filter

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    • Product family : F10 Series
    • Kit type : Micrometer Element Kit
    • Product Type : Kit
    • Brand : Fairchild

    Take full advantage of compressed gases in pneumatic systems. The gas must be adequately prepared. Fairchild's new FR preparation package provides the clean, dry air essential for optimum performance of pneumatic systems. With their modular construction, the FR unit provides comp more...


    Also Deals In : Disposable In-Line Filter, 0.6 mic 99.97%, Box of 10, 10 Replacement Filter

    Valin Corporation

    San Jose, Ca 95131

  • Low Pressure Gas Filters

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    • Flow CFM : 9
    • Delta : 1.2

    Admiral's in-line tee-type gas filters are designed to effectively and efficiently remove solids such as dust, dirt, pipe scale and other foreign matter from a process gas stream in a compressed gas system. The filter housings are designed in accordance with ASME Code Section VII more...


    Also Deals In : Simplex Liquid Filters, Low Pressure Gas Filters, Duplex Lube Oil Filter

    Admiral Filter Company

    Sandyston, Nj 07826 Map

  • Steris Prefilter Cartridge Filter

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    • Model: : SSF014-2667

    PREFILTER CARTRIDGE ("B" Filter) 0.2 micron element ~2.68" OD x 9.50" For use as filter "B" in dual filter system Model(s) This Part Fits: System 1® (89A1), System 1® (90A1), System 1® (90A2), System 1® (90B1), System 1® (99A1), System 1® (99A2) more...


    Washington, Mo 63090 Map

  • Electrostatic Air Filters

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    • Specifications: Thickness : 0.080 in. nominal
    • Unit Weight : 0.5 lbs./sq. ft.

    Product Description: TED PAD is a low cost, light weight damping pad with an aggressive self-adhesive surface. When applied to vibrating metal surfaces it can significantly reduce the vibrations and thereby reduce the airborne noise. Reduced vibration can also reduce failure due more...


    Also Deals In : Electrostatic Air Filters, grease filters, Electrostatic Air Filters

    Supreme Supply Co.

    Culver City, Ca 90230 Map

  • Oil Removal Filters

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    • Quantity : 1

    EXAIR's Model 9027, 9005, 9006 and 9010 Oil Removal Filters remove oil and solid particulate that is typical of many compressed air systems. A 0.03 micron element is used to trap submicron particles. An internal float automatically activates the drain when full. more...

    Exair Corporation

    Cincinnati, Oh 45249-1621 Map

  • Air Intake Filters

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    • Series : ST4 Panel

    Two layers of polyester with an internal metal frame and a heavily applied wet tackifier on the air-leaving side. Available in panels and links. Applications include: Industrial and Automotive versatile supply-side filtration. more...

    A.J. Dralle, Inc.

    Joliet, Il 60436 Map

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