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  • Soybean Seeds

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    • Feature : Clean, Low In Saturated Fat, Low Moisture
    • Shelf Life : 6 Months
    • Form : Seed
    • Application : Cooking, Human Consumption
    • Cultivation Type : Organic
    • Drying Process : Natural

    Soybean seeds are healthy food options that give essential nutrients to our body. These are a very rich source of proteins. It is as good as milk and egg protein in terms of health benefits. Withania is one of the trusted Soybean Seeds Supplier in Arizona to fulfil the demands of more...


    tucson | More...

  • Soybean Seeds

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    • MOQ : 1 Metric Ton
    • Packaging Type : Plastic Bags, Sack Bags
    • Feature : High Nutritional Value
    • Protein : 40%
    • Cultivation Type : Organic
    • Form : Seeds

    DC International LLC

    Rock Springs | More...

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  • Wheat Seeds

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    • Purity : 99.9%
    • Speciality : High in protein
    • Potassium : 12%
    • Magnesium : 36%
    • Total Carbohydrate : 23%
    • Cultivation Type : Organic

    Kerosene International Llc

    Dover | More...

  • Wheat Seeds

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    • Origin : Canada, Australia, USA, Ukraine, Russia, Europe, South America, India and Pakistan.
    • Grade & Brand : 2, 3, 4 & 5
    • Delivery : Within 30-45 days of confirmed l/c at sight.

    Canada Wheat, Australian Wheat, Soft Wheat, Hard Wheat MJE is one of the largest grain & fertilizer trader exports all kinds of kind milling & feed wheat worldwide. We mainly source the product from Australia, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, India, Pakistan, South America & more...

    MJ Enterprise of USA Inc.

    New York | More...

  • Natural White Sesame Seeds

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    • MOQ : 50 Ton
    • Application : Agricultural, Making Oil
    • Packaging Size : 100gm, 10kg, 1kg, 25kg, 500gm, 50gm, 50kg, 5kg
    • Moisture : 1-3%max, 3-6%mac, 5%, 6%, 6-9%max, 7%, 8%, 9%
    • Cultivation Type : Common, GMO, Natural, Organic
    • Purity : 100%, 99%, 99.99%

    Also Deals In : White Sesame Seeds, Natural Black and White Sesame Seeds For Oil Sesame Seeds, Sesame Seed - Hulled 99.80%, Natural White Sesame Seeds, White Sesame Seeds

    Rainbow Pharmaceuticals LTD

    Berlin | More...

  • Okra Seeds

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    • MOQ : 20 Metric Ton
    • Glutinous : Glutinous
    • Hybrid : Hybrid, Non Hybrid
    • Color : White, green
    • Product : okra
    • Cultivation Type : Common, Organic

    Also Deals In : heat resistant f1 hybrid cabbage seeds, Rubber Seed, Whole Coriander Seeds, Jackfruit Seeds, Okra Seeds, Okra Seed

    africlandfarmExporters co. ltd

    Virginia Beach | More...

  • Pumpkin Seeds

    Price : Rs 39.42 k / Ton (Approx)

    • MOQ : 25 Ton
    • Brand Name : Pumpkin Seeds
    • Grade : Premium Grade "A"
    • Certification : ISO9001
    • Type : Pumpkin Seeds
    • Place of Origin : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Pumpkin seeds 1. Snow white pumpkin seeds size: 9cm, 10cm, 11cm, 12cm, 13cm, 14cm and 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm spec.: moisture 9% max; imperfect 3% max; admixture 1% max; quality: hps packing: 25kg or 50kg pp woven bags or 2*12.5kg vacuum bag outside in 25kg carton 2. Sh more...


    Also Deals In : Black Pepper Seeds, Millet And Flax Seeds, Organic Coriander Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Hulled Sunflower Seeds Kernels, 100% exportable Hull sesame seeds, Rape Seed

    Meds. Centre. Co. Ltd

    Rockville | More...

  • Soybeans

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    • MOQ : 500 Ton
    • Yellowish : Yellow Soybean

    Moisture : Maximum 18% Total Damaged Kernels : Maximum 3% Heat Damaged, Shrunken, Black Kernels : Maximum 6% Split Beans : Maximum 30% Foreign Material : Maximum 5% Oil in normal condition in Dry Soybeans : Minimum 16% Raw Soybeans : Maximum 20% Other Colors Kernel : Maximum 5% K more...


    Bethesda | More...

  • Cleaned Black Chia Seed

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    • Shelf Life : 1year
    • Type : Chia Seeds

    Chia seed come from the chia plant whose scientific name is of the plant are salvia hispanica. It belongs to the mint family (Lamiaceae). Chia seed look similar to sesame seed. They are very small and dark. This plant has been known to humans for a very long time. The chia plant more...


    Also Deals In : agri seeds, High Quotation Natural Shine Skin Pumpkin Seed, Cleaned Black Chia seed


    kansas | More...

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  • Sesames Seeds

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    • MOQ : 50 Metric Ton
    • Color : Brown
    • Type : Dried Sesame Seeds
    • Cultivation Type : Common
    • Form : Seeds
    • Shelf Life : 1year

    Trust Medichem

    Tennessee | More...

  • Hulled Sesame Seeds

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    • Color : White
    • Packaging Size : 100gm, 10kg, 1kg, 25kg
    • Cultivation Type : Organic
    • Purity : 99.99%
    • Drying Process : Sun Drying
    • Form : Seeds

    Also Deals In : Brown Sesame Seeds, White Sesame Seeds, Natural Sesame Seeds, Organic Sesame Seeds, Premium Sesame Seeds, raw sesame seeds, Whole Sesame Seeds, Roasted Sesame Seeds, Hulled Sesame Seeds, dried sesame seeds, Husked Sesame Seeds, Crushed Sesame Seeds, Sorted Sesame Seeds, Sortex Sesame Seeds

    Exports Global

    Boston | More...

  • Organic Brown Cumin Seeds

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    • Purity : 99.9%
    • Color : Brown
    • Feature : Good In Taste, Improves Acidity Problem
    • Form : Seeds
    • Moisture: : 10% max
    • Shelf Life : 1Year

    Also Deals In : Cumin Seeds, Fresh Fennel Seeds, green fennel seeds, Brown Fennel Seeds, dried fennel seeds, Natural Fennel Seeds, organic fennel seeds, Premium Fennel Seeds, Pure Fennel Seeds, Whole Fennel Seeds, Sweet Fennel Seeds, Sugar Coated Fennel Seeds, Fresh Brown Cumin Seeds, Dried Brown Cumin Seeds, Natural Brown Cumin Seeds, Organic Brown Cumin Seeds, Premium Brown Cumin Seeds, Pure Brown Cumin Seeds, High Quality Brown Cumin Seeds, Raw Brown Cumin Seeds, Whole Brown Cumin Seeds, Cleaned Brown Cumin Seeds, Uncleaned Brown Cumin Seeds, Fresh Black Cumin Seeds, Dried Black Cumin Seeds, Natural Black Cumin Seeds, organic black cumin seeds, Premium Black Cumin Seeds, Pure Black Cumin Seeds, High Quality Black Cumin Seeds, Raw Black Cumin Seeds, Whole Black Cumin Seeds, Cleaned Black Cumin Seeds, Uncleaned Black Cumin Seeds

    Gatekeeper Enterprises Inc.

    Middletown | More...

  • Sun Flower Seeds

    Price : Rs 69.35 k / Metric Ton (Approx)

    • MOQ : 500 Metric Ton
    • Black : Brown
    • Color : Brown Black
    • Brand Name : Sun flower seeds
    • Name : Sun flower seeds
    • Size : Assorted

    We are global suppliers of sun flower seeds and other assorted products of sun flower. We distribute these products worldwide  more...

    Silverline Company LTD

    Main Street | More...

  • Canola Oil Seed

    Price : Get Quote

    • MOQ : 10 Ton
    • name : CANOLA OIL

    CANOLA OIL. We always source high quality product. We have naturally grown Canola Oil seeds and some other oil seeds. we deal with almost all agri products. contact us for more info. more...


    Also Deals In : Black Watermelon Seeds, Flax Seed, Moringa Oleifera Seeds, High Germination Malus Halliana Natural Filamental Flowering Crab Seeds, canola oil seed, Black Mustard Seeds

    Biopharma-ChemRx Store

    San Francisco | More...

  • Chia Seeds

    Price : Get Quote

    • Type : Chia Seeds

    we supply chia seeds in both organic and conventional forms, starting from pallet quantities. We also have an ability to despatch goods globally immediately as we already have customs cleared products stocked and ready to ship. Commonly added to yogurts, smoothies, breakfast cere more...

  • White Sorghum Seeds

    Price : Get Quote

    • Type : Fresh
    • Place of Export : California, United States
    • Min. Order Quantity : As Per Client Requirement
    • Packaging Type : Can be Packed as Per Client Requirement

    Equipped with the most up-to-date inventory control and management system, we cater to the seasonal demand to a continuous one as well. We keep records of the products to make sure that the range is kept safe in our spacious warehouse. Make payment securely with a payment option more...


    Also Deals In : Broccoli Seeds, Egusi Seeds, Quinoa Seeds, Snow white pumpkin seeds, Sunflower Seeds, White Sorghum Seeds, Yellow Millet Seeds

    BS Oneke group LLC

    California | More...

  • Soyabean Seed

    Price : Rs 5.84 k / Ton (Approx)

    • MOQ : 1 Ton
    • soya beans : good smell
    • Packaging Type : Vacuum Pack
    • Type : Natural
    • creamy colour : milky smell
    • Shelf Life : 2 Years

    watermark general trading

    johnnnesburg | More...

  • Millet Seeds

    Price : Rs 7.30 k / 200 Metric Ton (Approx)

    • MOQ : 10 Metric Ton
    • Type : dried green
    • green : green
    • Style : natural fresh

    We keep an eye on every aspect and packaging of products is one of them. Staffed with professional packaging employees having experience in this domain; they use premium packing material to ensure zero damage during transportation. We are working with an aim of making available f more...


    Also Deals In : Black Pepper Seeds, Dried Soybean Seeds, Millet Seeds, 30 G. Mung bean seeds, Moringa Seed, graviola seeds, Lentils Seeds, Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds, Popcorn Kernel, Dried Lotus Seed, Annatto Seeds, Sassafras Seed, Coriander Seeds, Fresh Cocoa Seeds, Rape Seeds / Canola Seeds, Sesame Seeds, NON GMO Sunflower Seeds/Sunflower Seeds Kernel, red millet seed, Top Shelled Hemp Seeds


    new york | More...

  • Soybean Seeds

    Price : Get Quote

    • Type : Animal feeds and Food grade (in grades A,B & C)
    • Applications : Animal feeds and Human consumption
    • Sizes : 4.5-5.8mm

    The soybean (Glycine max) is a species of legume native to Eastern Asia. It is rich in protein and oil. And has found use in various industries and commercial applications. It is utilized in the production of vegetable oil; animal feeds, soy concentrate and soy protein isolate, i more...

    Capital Merchants Inc

    Pennsylvania | More...

  • Sunflower Seeds

    Price : Get Quote

    • Type : Sunflower Seed
    • Application : Agriculture, Cooking, Medicinal
    • Cultivation Type : Natural
    • Color : Black, Brown, Grey
    • Style : Dried

    Name: Sunflower Seeds Type: 5009, 5135, 1121, 118, 909 Purity: 99.0%min Moisture: 9.0%max Imperfect: 3.0%max Size: 20/64, 22/64, 24/64 Use: Bakery and confectionary Package: 20kg kraft bag or according to client's requirements more...

    Gem General Trading LTD

    Ohio | More...

  • Pumpkin Seeds

    Price : Get Quote

    • Net Weight : 250g

    Pumpkin seeds come from the fruit pumpkin which is a squash-like gourd in the Cucurbitaceae family of vegetables native to Mexico. You can also find it under its scientific name Cucurbita pepo which originated from the Greek word Pepon which means large melon. more...


    Also Deals In : Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds


    38954 Proctor Blvd. # 324 | More...

  • Barley Seeds

    Price : Get Quote

    • Fat : 1.2%
    • Admixture : 1% Max
    • Calcium : 29 msg
    • Energy : 352 kcal
    • Carbohydrates : 45 Grams
    • Protein : 7 Grams

    Barley , a member of the grass family, is a major cereal grain grown in temperate climates globally. It was one of the first cultivated grains, particularly in Eurasia as early as 10, 000 years ago. Barley has been used as animal fodder, as a source of fermentable material for an more...


    Also Deals In : Wheat Seeds, Barley Seeds

  • Raw Cotton Seeds

    Price : Get Quote

    • Raw Cotton & Seeds : Raw Cotton & Seeds

    to make sure supreme quality retaining, we bundle our goods in high-grade packaging supplies that can endure mechanical damages and logistical jostling. Moreover, they are branded to provide product details. With the aid of our updated transit facilities, we are capable of delive more...


    Also Deals In : Raw Cotton Seeds, Soybean Seeds, cotton seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Wheat Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Njangsa Seed, NRicinodendron Heudelotii Seeds

    Costco Group

    California | More...

  • Garlic Seeds

    Price : Rs 21.90 k / 10000 Metric Ton (Approx)

    • MOQ : 6 Metric Ton
    • brown : white

    Once in awhile someone wonders how to grow garlic from seed. While growing garlic is easy, there's no sure way to do so using garlic seed.we only guarantee that the garlic seed we sell is in good, viable condition when we sell it. However, because it will deteriorate quickly over more...


    ADAMSVILLE AL | More...

  • Chrystals, Crude Or Iodine Beads

    Price : Get Quote

    • MOQ : 1000 Kilogram
    • Crude Iodine : Crude Iodine

    iodine seeds, 1.competitive price 2.delivery time. 3.free sample chrystals, crude or iodine beads iodine 99.5% prill   molecular weight: 253.8089 inchi: inchi = 1/i2/c1-2 density: 3.834g/cm3 melting point: 114 ° c boiling point: 184.3 ° c at 760 mmhg solubility in water: 0.3 g more...

    Michelle Cobbo

    Medford | More...

  • Sweet Corn Seeds

    Price : Get Quote

    • Cultivation Type : Organic
    • Feature : Good For Health, High In Protein, Non Harmful
    • Grade : A
    • Shelf Life : 1year
    • Packaging Type : Ganny Bag, Plastic Bag
    • Packaging Size : 20kg, 50kg, 5kg

    Also Deals In : Durum Wheat Seeds, Organic Wheat Seeds, natural wheat seeds, Raw Wheat Seeds, whole wheat seeds, Food Grade Corn Seeds, Fresh Corn Seeds, Yellow Corn Seeds, Natural Corn Seeds, Sweet Corn Seeds, Raw Corn Seeds, Organic Corn Seeds, Loose Corn Seeds

    Titus Industries (Pty) Ltd

    South Africa | More...

  • Pure Natural Moringa Seeds

    Price : Rs 1.06 Lac / Ton (Approx)

    • MOQ : 50 Ton
    • moringa seeds : olefiera

    01. Seed propagated PKM-1 variety of MORINGA SEEDS supplied by us for cultivation- Advantages. 01. Seed propagated 02. Annual in habit and bushy in growth. 03. Precocious bearing-within eight months 04. High productivity (250-350 fruits / tree / year) 05. Spread harvest (4 months more...


    Also Deals In : Sunflower Seeds, Natural Moringa Seeds

    Takwai Global Corp

    Manassas | More...

  • Yellow Soyabean Seeds

    Price : Rs 18.25 k / 300 Metric Ton (Approx)

    • MOQ : 25 Metric Ton
    • Yellow : Yellow

    We are offering yellow soyabean seeds. pecifications soya bean seed is also used as animal feed in the form of soyabean meal. 1.green seeds: 7% 2.foreign matter: 2% 3.damage: 2% commodity: soya bean seed specification: green seeds: 7% foreign matter: 2% moisture: 10% crop: curren more...


    lotiral region | More...

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