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  • Ceiling Emitter Analog Ionizer

    The Ceiling Emitters Model 5509 provides uniform ionization throughout the open areas of a clean room. Mounted onto the ceiling surface or inside a flush mount channel, Model 5509 ceiling emitter maintains aesthetics without disrupting clean room laminar airflow or compromising the integrity of ...

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  • Ceiling Emitter Digital Ionizer

    Model 5511 Ceiling Emitter Digital Ionizer The Digital Ceiling Emitter Model 5511 provides uniform ionization throughout the open areas of a clean room. Powered by the Model 5580 or 5520 controllers with digital technology, the Model 5511 is a complete communication system enabling either ...

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  • Critical Environment Ionizer

    The Critical Environment Ionizer Model 5810i is an innovative electrostatics management solution engineered for the needs of today's clean rooms. Designed and tested to meet Class 10 clean room requirements (configuration dependent) and the tightest balance specifications, the Model 5810i can ...

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  • High Temperature Ionizer

    The High Temperature Ionization System consists of the High Temperature Ionizer Model 4610TF and the High Temperature Controller Mode 4052e. The system neutralizes static charge in environments with extreme conditions. Features: Withstands temperatures up to 302°F (150°C) and ...

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  • Inline Gas Ionizer

    The In-line Gas Ionizer Model 4210 pipes compressed ionized gas for balanced charge neutralization in the heart of process equipment, where limited space or proximity to sensitive products makes ionizing bars impractical. Either Clean Dry Air (CDA) or nitrogen can be ionized, depending on process ...

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  • Ionizing Blow-Off Gun

    The powerful ionizing blow-off gun that works with you, not against you. Easy Operation The AirForce was designed with the operator in mind. The AirForce's lightweight, flexible air hose-just 38" in diameter-moves with the operator and makes work easier. No high voltage cable means ...

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  • Ionizing Blower

    The Point-of-Use Ionizing Blower Model 6422e is the most efficient small blower of its kind for controlling static discharge in hard-to-reach areas. The Model 6422(e) meets the challenge of cost and features that your process demands by delivering worry-free ...

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  • Ionizing Cartridge

    Air Ionizing Cartridge The self-contained compressed air ionizing cartridge controls static charge in production, packaging, laboratory and other environments where static build-up can cause contamination, ESD, material handling problems or microprocessor lock-up. Compact and rugged, the ...

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  • Single-fan Ionizer Controller

    Affordable, Single-fan Field Charge Sensor The Novx Series 3150 is an affordable field charge sensor and controller. It will provide the flexibility to precisely monitor and control an ionizer with a programmable monitor and has application for stand-alone field charge detection for realtime ...

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