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Our offered Product range includes rtv sealants, Heat Cure Adhesives, Thermally conductive adhesives, Epoxy Based Electrically Conductive Adhesives and Structural Bonding Epoxy Adhesives.

rtv sealants

Silicone rubber based RTV sealants adhesives from United Adhesives Inc. provide strong bonding to most common plastics and metals with excellent thermal stress release and water resistance. Epoxy based sealants adhesives provide strong structural bonding to most common plastics and metals with strong oil and chemical resistance. Some major features are like this: - Strong bonding to aluminum and most common plastics. - Thermal stress compliant with silicone RTV sealants. - Automated dispensable - Excellent moisture resistance from RTV silicone sealant - Excellent oil and chemical resistance from epoxy RTV They are used to bond and seal electronic devices, components, equipment, connections, cover plates, housings, etc; make formed-in-place gaskets; assemble and repair electronic devices. They can also be applied as general-purpose sealants for other applications.

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Heat Cure Adhesives

United Adhesives' heat cure non-sag (thixotropic) version adhesives and sealants made from high performance silicones and epoxies provide following major features: - Strong bonding to aluminum and most common metals. - Strong bonding to most common plastics. - Thermal stress compliant with silicone adhesives. - Automated dispensable - Non-corrosion sealants and adhesives - Excellent moisture, oil and chemical resistance They are used to bond and seal electronic devices, components, electrical equipment, power and control connections, cover plates, housings, etc. The silicone series, Bondseal, provides stress release and resistance to high temperature and humidity. The epoxy series provides strong structural bonding for vibration applications and resistance to oil and chemicals.

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Thermally conductive adhesives

United Adhesives Inc. makes thermally conductive adhesives (TCA) for bonding electronic devices with heat dissipations. The two-part products have following features: - High thermal conductivity & heat dissipating capacity - High bonding strength to most common plastics and metals - Flexible cure profile. Some are room temperature curable - Automated dispensable and printable - Soft and flexible to couple thermal stress while dissipating heat - High dielectric strength for voltage insulation Structural bonding epoxy based thermally conductive adhesives are also available. Potential Uses For high heat dissipation bonding in automotive electronics, semiconductors, and telecommunications, typically applied between high heat power device and heat sink; or any places where require coupling thermal stress while dissipating heat, or require thermally conductive vibration dampening; attachment of PCB to heat sink, cooling fans to devices, bonding or encapsulation of powder devices.

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Epoxy Based Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Features United Adhesives Inc. makes two categories of Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECA), silver filled silicones (Silductor series) and silver filled epoxies (Eposolder series), in both one-part and two-part systems. They are either dispensable or screen stencil printable. The Eposolder series provides superior bonding strength to most common metalalloy surfaces while maintaining high electrical & thermal conductivity. Potential Uses The typical applications are for mounting of heat sensitive dies or components in sensors, disk drive, flip-chip, die attach assembly or packaging, MEMS, LED Driver IC's, CCD chip attach, wafer lamination, CSP. Epoxy based ECAs provide electrically conductive bonding between components and mounting surfaces, and serve as thermal interface material for conducting heat through heat spreader. They are alternatives for solder replacement, chip bonding, and lead terminations.

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Structural Bonding Epoxy Adhesives

United Adhesives Inc. makes high performance epoxy adhesives for electronic structural bonding, severe thermal shock and vibration bonding, and media resistance applications. These include, but not limited to, low viscosity impregnating epoxy, high Tg, low CTE, high thixotropic epoxy, voltage and media resistant epoxies, etc. They have following typical features: - Thixotropic bonding epoxy to anti-sag in processing - High Tg formulation for high temperature stability - Very low CTE formulation to minimize the thermal mismatch - Very soft flexible epoxy formulation offering rubbery flexibility - High voltage insulation formulation - Transparent epoxy for Opto-electronic applications Some epoxy adhesives can be used in other industries such as in mediccal applications and in modern constructions.

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Media Resistant Coatings

Conformal coatings from United Adhesives protect electronics and filling voids and cracks. They have excellent moisture and corrosion protection, and resistance to dust and dirt particles. They are very soft and flexible and form “stress-free” coating and encapsulating of electronic components and devices. They are used for coating electronic devices to protect chips, silicon dies, components, and wire bonds. They have following categories and features: - Heat cure silicone coating gels - Heat cure potting gels that provide best protection - Room temp moisture cure. Oven cure not required - Epoxy coating and potting that provides oil & chemical resistance

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Optical Encapsulants

United Adhesives Inc. provides innovative solutions for optoelectronics with optical-grade epoxy and silicone encapsulants, coatings, adhesives, and sealants. They are applied in bonding and potting fiber-optic cables, connectors and terminations, LCD backlighting, displays, traffic and other lightings, upgrading the vibration and shock resistance of electro-optic assemblies, cementing and coating optical parts, potting LED devices, optical replications, and coating or encapsulating a wide variety of electro-optic and laser components. They have following outstanding features: - Excellent light transmission characteristics. - Superior non-yellowing properties or anti-yellowing - Silicone based system can cure to low-stress elastomer - Resistance to ozone and UV Degradation - Broad operating at temperatures of -40 to 180°C. - High adhesion, high purity, moisture resistance - Reworkable for silicones.

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epoxy based encapsulant products

Epoxy based underfill and encapsulant products from United Adhesives are for semiconductor applications such as to attach chip-on-board, bare die, BGA, flip-chip, CSP, etc, or to under-fill the gap between die chip and substrate, or to encapsulate dies, chips, components, or powder devices. They provide various superior features such as: - Excellent capillary flow capability. - High Tg formulation for high temperature stability - Very low CTE formulation to minimize the thermal mismatch - High voltage insulation formulation - Strong bond to FR4, ceramic, polyamide, metals, and other materials - Good dielectric property. Low current leakage

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Conductive Coatings

United Adhesives Inc provides various electrically conductive coating adhesives from ultra conductive Ag filled epoxies and silicones, to silver-coated copper filled compounds, together with low cost graphite filled sodium silicates. The Ag filled shielding and grounding products provide effective EMC solutions to protect electronic products from electromagnetic and radio frequency (EMI RFI) leakage and electrostatic discharge (ESD).

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