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Other Products / Services

We offer the best product range of Mechanical Face Seal Type, Spiny Liners, flatwrap, Flexguard and Hybrid Liners.

Mechanical Face Seal Type

  • Brand Name Goetze
  • Product Category Mechanical Face Seals
Mechanical face seal type 76.90H consists of two geometrically identical metallic seal rings, located against the respective housing bores by means of large-volume O-rings.
Material: Duronit or Coronit cast iron
Seal elastomer(s) used in standard seals: NBR 50, NBR 60, HNBR 50, HNBR 60, HNBR 60CF, HNBR 70, VMQ 60, VMQ70, FPM 60, FPM 70
Seal Weight Range (standard parts): 95 to 43, 955 grams
Seal Ring Outer Ø Range (standard parts): 58 to 1425 mm
Seal Ring Inner Ø Range (standard parts): 45 to 1372 mm
Seal Set Height Range (standard parts): 20 to 80 mm
Detailed Seal and Housing Dimensions: see reference brochure
Many standard and custom sizes available
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Spiny Liners

  • Product Category Liners
  • Markets Light Vehicle
Spiny liners have strong mechanical adhesion and reduced as-cast liner wall thickness for reduced distortions and improved heat transfer.
Features and benefits include:
High-pressure, die-cast aluminum blocks
Strong mechanical adhesion, and reduced as-cast liner wall thickness for reduced distortions and improved heat transfer
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  • Brand Name Bentley-Harris
  • Product Category Abrasion and Mechanical
FlatWrap™ 2535 is an advanced textile structure engineered to facilitate the installation of round wire bundles into tight or confined spaces. Woven with lightweight thermo­plastic yarns, the product maintains wire bundles in a flat, low profile. By forcing wires to lay in a flat position, the bundle size is reduced, allowing routing through confined areas such as under carpet, headliner, under seat and door harness applications.
The combination of flexibility, strength and low bulk make FlatWrap™ 2535 an obvious choice for engineers requiring more design freedom than allowed by typical plastic channels. Its wrap construction and integral closure mechanism closes securely and is designed to allow easy access to wires for inspection, rework or replacement of components.
Product highlights:
Operating temperature up to 125°C
Maintains wires in flat configuration
Low profile
Provides directional flexibility
Available in multiple widths
Typical applications includes:
Wire harnesses
Under carpet wire assemblies
Headliner wire assemblies
Flat wire assemblies door harnesses
Seat harnesses
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  • Brand Name Bentley-Harris
  • Product Category Abrasion and Mechanical
Flexguard® is a highly flexible, expandable sleeve that is both lightweight and rugged. Because it expands up to three times its own diameter, Flexguard® is easy to apply with one size accommodating many applications. The open weave construction permits drainage and prevents condensation. Flexguard® provides mechanical protection for various hoses, wire harnesses, and other critical components requiring maximum abrasion protection.
Constructed in standard or heavy weight polyester and nylon monofilaments, the Flexguard® product family uses a carefully calculated material mix to provide an excellent balance of key features including: flexibility, expandability, abrasion resistance and self-recovery. These features optimize the handling properties of the sleeve and assure longer service life for the protected component. Available in dipped end version designed especially for fray resistance as well as PEEK (polyetheretherketone) version for higher temperature.
Product highlights include:
Operating temperature from 125°C up to 200°C
Expandable tubular design
Excellent mechanical protection and abrasion resistance
Highly flexible
Easy to apply
Attractive appearance
Does not trap heat or moisture
Typical applications:
Electrical distribution systems
Hoses, tubings and ABS hose assemblies
ABS speed sensor harnesses
Oxygen sensor harnesses
Sensor assemblies
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Hybrid Liners

  • Product Category Liners
  • Markets Light Vehicle Heavy-Duty
An innovative liner design for improved engine performance and reduced emissions.
Features and benefits include:
Outside spray-coated cast iron liner
Optimum bonding in aluminum engine blocks
Delivers lowest distortions and best heat transfer based on the tribological, well-known liner material gray cast iron
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Flat-Install Dynamic Seals

  • Product Category Seals - Dynamic
  • Markets Heavy-Duty Industrial
Flat-Install® Dynamic Seals For High Task Environments
Federal-Mogul Powertrains’s innovative Flat-Install® seal is designed to perform under the extreme working conditions of commercial-vehicleheavy-duty engines, in agricultural, construction and mine equipment, marine and power-generation applications. Achieving a one-million-mile service life in simulated bench testing, this seal dramatically extends service life and reduces the customer’s total cost of ownership.
Features and benefits include:
Non-contacting dirt labyrinth blocks contaminants from reaching and breaking down the sealing surface, dramatically extending seal life 5 to 15 times longer than competitor seals
Integrated wear sleeve provides built-in shaft finish and protection during handling and installation
Unitized design incorporating wear sleeve, seal and environmental shield simplifies installation and reduces risk of installation error
Design allows installation flush to the block without use of complex assembly tooling
Durable unitized seal design addresses top warranty failure modes
Flat structure simplifies tools and decreases risk of misalignment and installation damage
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Rear Exterior Lighting Modules

Forward and Rear Exterior Lighting Modules
To suit specific needs and requirements.
Federal-Mogul Powertrain is a global leader in the design, technology and manufacture of select forward and rear-lighting modules for trucks, buses and agricultural equipment. We offer many options to suit specific needs and requirements.
Features and benefits include:
Complex smooth surface reflector with a clear lens (lens optics optional)
Faceted reflector with a clear lens (lens optics optional)
Ellipsoidal projector lamp systems
Traditional parabolic reflector with lens optics
Designs to meet U.S. and ECE market standards
Complete product design, development and manufacturing capabilities, from initial design concept through final production supply
Heavy-truck and agricultural forward lighting applications
Savings from integration of components
Savings in reduced material cost and assembly time
Reduction in part numbers, often by as much as a 10-1 ratio
Coordinated component design that brings faster development
Space-saving, reduces floor-space requirements
Module sets the vehicle front-end dimensional scheme
Modular assembly brings a minimum of 15 percent cost savings
10 percent mass reduction potential
Automated pre-aim and vehicle plant sequencing
Our focus is on niche applications, including motorcycle, off-road market and heavy-truck and bus applications.
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Valve Cover Modules

  • Product Category Gaskets - Cold
  • Markets Light Vehicle Heavy-Duty
  • Vehicle Applications Valve Cover
Cover materials include thermoplastics, thermoset, die-cast aluminum and stamped steel. The module can incorporate multiple sealing components and functions.
Features and benefits include:
Simplified assembly and handling
Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) isolation
Integrated functions that can include heatshield and ignition elements
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Ambient Waveguides Lighting

  • Product Category Lighting - Interior
  • Markets Light Vehicle
Waveguides (also known as light pipes) are durable, heat-resistant and rigid, and are easy to install either manually or robotically. Colored light sources or filters may be added to match the vehicle’s interior lighting.
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Specialty Exterior Lighting

  • Product Category Lighting - Exterior
  • Markets Light Vehicle Heavy-Duty
Whether the application is ground illumination, vehicle identification, directional indication or cargo illumination, Federal-Mogul offers many LED lighting solutions to meet market needs. These products include puddle lamps, license plate lamps, turn signals, marker lights and utility lamps.
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Goetze Chromium Steel

  • Brand Name Goetze
  • Product Category Large Bore Engine
Goetze Chromium Steel 1.4112 Piston Rings for 4-Stroke Large Bore Engines
Wound steel wire is used in rings up to 230mm diameter and applications requiring very high fracture resistance. The chromium steel (1.4112) ring material is characterized by a tempered martensite with uniformly distributed carbides microstructure.
Chromium steel (17% Cr min.)
Main applications: compression rings
High break resistance
ISO 6621-3, subclass 61
Modulus of elasticity: 230 GPa
Ring diameter range: ≤ 260 mm
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Sprayfit Liner

  • Product Category Liners
  • Markets Light Vehicle
Sprayfit® Liner
New composite Cylinder Liner Technology
Ultrathin sleeve made of sprayed composite material inserted using a proven press fitting process
Tribologically compatible with all well-known piston ring materials
Sprayfit® achieves better heat transfer rates running up to 30° C cooler than conventional cast iron liners for lower fuel consumption
Patented technology
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Slip-Fit Liners

  • Product Category Liners
  • Markets Light Vehicle
Slip-fit liners are available in finished and semi-finished designs, to create a precise, high-pressure, low-weight solution.
Features and benefits include:
Precise, dry, thin-walled liner solution
Engine block casting technology independent
Finished or semi-finished designs
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Ambient Metalized Lighting

  • Product Category Lighting - Interior
  • Markets Light Vehicle
LED metalized lighting technology enables automakers to conceal ambient lighting elements with a metal-looking finish. The metalized technology provides interior ambient surfaces with a metallic appearance when the light source is ‘off’, and a lighted appearance when it is ‘on’.
Features and benefits include:
Reduces need for exposed light pipes or lamp lenses
Available in several finishes
- aluminum
- copper
- nickel
- chrome
- titanium
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Grooved Liners

  • Product Category Liners
  • Markets Light Vehicle
Utilizing grooves enhances grinding efficiency while reducing direct metal abrasion upon the liner.
Features and benefits include:
Wide variety of groove designs and patterns
Applicable to all aluminum casting processes
Basic, economic solution for automotive applications
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Wet Liners

  • Product Category Liners
  • Markets Heavy-Duty
Tailor design optimized bore surface reduces oil consumption and performs under higher peek pressures.
Features and benefits include:
Solutions designed according to block and sealing requirements
Optimized bore surface topography by dedicated honing processes for improved ringliner tribology and low oil consumption
High-strength materials for reduced wall thickness, high peak pressure and cavation prevention
Induction hardening and rolling for locally improved material properties
Finished or semi-finished designs
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Miniature Lights GT-8 Lighting Sources

  • Product Category Lighting - Sources
  • Markets Light Vehicle
Federal-Mogul offers several options, including environmentally friendly cadmium-free lights, to meet customer requirements.
Features and benefits include:
Cost-effective and efficient lamps
Designed for automated straight-in insertion; no push and twist
Reduced potential for failure; has less then half the parts of brass-base designs
Withstands severe shock and vibration
All-glass design is impervious to heat buildup
Does not corrode; eliminates the need for bulbsocket grease
Krypton-filled and cadmium-free versions available
Natural amber versions available
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SureFire Plus

  • Product Category Ignition - Spark Plugs
  • Markets Light Vehicle
Best-in-class SureFire Plus innovative ceramic technology enables high energy and smaller plug designs to facilitate engine downsizing
Higher pressure densities, higher tumbling, higher EGR rates as well as alternative fuels are requiring a higher voltage demand and ignition energy for a reliable inflammation of the mixture
High dielectric strength ceramic capable to suppress voltage >42kV in M12 designs (SureFire Plus, C8-NF ceramic)
Improved ceramic performance enables a reduction in the spark plug size from 14mm down to 10mm
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