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  • Baby Corn

    Baby Corn production demand is expanding worldwide, especially in Asia, Africa and South America, although historically and as of today, Asia still has the highest baby corn production and consumption globally. While still a recent development in India, many farmers in different parts of ...

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  • Gherkins

    The gherkins, shipping approximately 200,000 metric tonnes, which accounts for 20% of total global gherkin exports. Mostly grown in the 3 southern states of India – Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu, the climatic and soil conditions are favourable for two harvesting seasons, allowing for the ...

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  • Green Peas

    Hungary is at the southern part of the green pea growing belt in Europe. Our farmers ensure harvest of continuously fresh raw material within the short production cycle of around 30 days based on a carefully and meticulously created periodic sowing plan. A wide range of varieties bred in ...

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  • JALAPEOS pepper

    Originally a Mexican pepper, jalapeños thrive in a number of soil types and temperatures, though they prefer warmer climates, and adequate water supply. A pH of 4.5 to 7.0 is preferred for growing jalapeños and keeping the soil well drained is essential for keeping jalapeño plants ...

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  • relish

    Traditionally an American condiment, the perfect relish needs the right mix of spices and blends to deliver exceptional taste and nutritional value. Global Green Company specializes in making high quality relishes, and is by far the largest producer of the product in India. At our ...

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  • Silverskin Onions

    Our processing unit in Dunakiliti buys silverskin onions from producers who have a long tradition of onion production. Specialized in the growth and processing of onions, our farm partners take care of the entire production cycle from seed to harvest, to peeling and packaging. Our onions are grown ...

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  • Sour Cherries

    Cherries can either be sweet or sour based on the exact variety. Cherries are indigenous to Europe, Western Asia and parts of North Africa, and have been consumed since prehistoric times. Hungary is the largest exporter of sour cherries in Europe. Hungarian sour cherries are some of the ...

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  • Sweet Corn

    Hungary is among the world’s largest operators in the market of sweet corn having the largest acreage in Europe – approximately 37,000 hectares per year. The country’s climatic, topographical and soil characteristics make it suitable for the production of high quality sweet corn. Our ...

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  • Tomatoes

    As Global Green Company aims to be a world leader in value added fruit and vegetable products, tomatoes have become the latest addition to our product range. In 2012, we strategically decided to take up large scale contract farming of hybrid tomatoes (processing varieties UG-37, UG-157, UG-52, ...

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