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Our Complete range of products are Ceiling Emitter Analog Ionizer, High Temperature Ionizer, Inline Gas Ionizer, Ionizing Cartridge and Critical Environment Ionizer.

Ceiling Emitter Analog Ionizer

The Ceiling Emitters Model 5509 provides uniform ionization throughout the open areas of a clean room. Mounted onto the ceiling surface or inside a flush mount channel, Model 5509 ceiling emitter maintains aesthetics without disrupting clean room laminar airflow or compromising the integrity of operating Class 1 clean rooms. In a matter of seconds, the Model 5509(e) ceiling ionization system eliminates ESD and particle contamination. Features: Low voltage operation (24 VAC) Individually adjustable ion emission output Feedback with alarms available at each emitter Patented pulsed DC technologies with local and system-wide adjustment controls

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High Temperature Ionizer

The High Temperature Ionization System consists of the High Temperature Ionizer Model 4610TF and the High Temperature Controller Mode 4052e. The system neutralizes static charge in environments with extreme conditions. Features: Withstands temperatures up to 302°F (150°C) and down to -94°F (-70°C) Patented IsoStat® Technology Single-crystal silicon or tungsten alloy emitter points

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Inline Gas Ionizer

The In-line Gas Ionizer Model 4210 pipes compressed ionized gas for balanced charge neutralization in the heart of process equipment, where limited space or proximity to sensitive products makes ionizing bars impractical. Either Clean Dry Air (CDA) or nitrogen can be ionized, depending on process requirements. Features: Directly connects to delivery manifolds IsoStat® technology (never needs balancing) Steady-state DC ion emission Single crystal silicon emitter points (Uun models)

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Ionizing Cartridge

Air Ionizing Cartridge The self-contained compressed air ionizing cartridge controls static charge in production, packaging, laboratory and other environments where static build-up can cause contamination, ESD, material handling problems or microprocessor lock-up. Compact and rugged, the cartridge can be used either for in-line ionization or as an ionizing blow-off gun. For in-line use, connect the 6110 to a compressed air source and it is ready to ionize any type of production equipment. Or attach the 6110 to an ordinary air gun and the air stream is ionized for effective particle removal. An internal sensor initiates ionization only when the gun is triggered, ensuring on-demand control of static charge. Patented IsoStat® Technology The patented IsoStat® Technology guarantees intrinsically balanced ionization and eliminates complicated feedback circuits. Ionizers incorporating this technology never need calibration and require very little maintenance. IsoStat® is based on a law of physics, Conservation of Charge, which states that charge cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system. By isolating the ionizer's emitter points from ground, IsoStat® ensures equal numbers of positive and negative ions.

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Critical Environment Ionizer

The Critical Environment Ionizer Model 5810i is an innovative electrostatics management solution engineered for the needs of today's clean rooms. Designed and tested to meet Class 10 clean room requirements (configuration dependent) and the tightest balance specifications, the Model 5810i can operate with external sensors to maintain precise balance (better than ±1 volt) by altering ion output and adapting to environment changes. With the established reliability of steady-state DC, the established method for eliminating the effects of ESD and ESD-induced electromagnetic interference (EMI) in high-tech facilities, the Model 5810i delivers maximum ion output where and when you need it. Features: Aluminum chassis (Model 5810i) or stainless steel (Model 5810is) Two fans (32" length) Three fans (40 or 44" lengths)

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Digital Aerobars

The AeroBar® Model 5225 is specifically designed to handle the demanding requirements of in-tool ionization. With high ion output providing fast neutralization of electric charge on wafers, charge can be reduced to comply with E-78 Level 1, the most stringent requirement of semiconductor manufacturers. Both the Model 5225 and the Interface Module Model 5200-IM6T are CE-certified, complying with SEMI S-2 specifications. The Model 5225 is easily integrated with your tool, using either pre-compiled routines or open-source code examples. Tight integration with tool interfaces means a less costly solution to ionization, in addition to the benefits of reduced maintenance cost and better alarm handling. System alerts and messages are displayed at the tool controller for easy notification, taking the place of older, line signal notification systems. Features: • Six different bar lengths including three EFEM-specific lengths: 22, 28, 44, 64, and 84 inches with 36, 56, and 76" EFEM lengths • Integrated software package • Operates with Interface Module Model IM6T for power • All parameters are settable The Sensor Model 5200-SR operates with the Digital AeroBar Model 5225 and Interface Module Model IM6T to create a complete ionization system.

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Ceiling Emitter Digital Ionizer

Model 5511 Ceiling Emitter Digital Ionizer The Digital Ceiling Emitter Model 5511 provides uniform ionization throughout the open areas of a clean room. Powered by the Model 5580 or 5520 controllers with digital technology, the Model 5511 is a complete communication system enabling either centralized control of individual emitters through bi-directional communication, or direct field programmability of the ceiling emitters with the Model 5570 hand held infrared (IR) remote control. Features: Creates a room system along with a Controller Model 5520 or 5580, and Hand held Remote Model 5570 Ideal in photolithography and mask processes Varying rod lengths Patented pulsed DC technologies with local and system-wide adjustment controls

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