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Water Level Sensors

Our Complete range of products are SMARTBOB2 115 VAC Continuous Level Remote Sensor, MONITOR Vibratory Point Level Sensor, Vibratory Type Point Level Sensors for Solids and RF Capacitance Point Level Sensors.

SMARTBOB2 115 VAC Continuous Level Remote Sensor

  • Model SBR II 115
The BINMASTER® SMARTBOB2 Continous Inventory Sensor is the core component of a proven, reliable level measurement system using cable-based sensoring technology. The SMARTBOB2 can be uniquely configured using a variety of probe designs and extensions for solid, slurry, and liquid applications. Long-lasting, hassle-free service is ensured by SMARTBOB's unsurpassed cable cleaning system. The SMARTBOB2 is extremely rugged, featuring the industry's strongest cable and motor design, which is completely sealed in a strong, lightweight, molded polycarbonate enclosure which is explosion-proof and rated for Class II, Groups E, F & G Certifications. Requiring no field calibration, SMARTBOB2 is easy-to-install, requires minimal wiring, and can even be used with the SMARTBOB Wireless Transeiver.

Economical, Regardless of Number of Units Installed
5th Generation eBob PC-Based Inventory Management Software
Output & Display Consoles for 1 to 120 Bins
No Field Calibration or Adjustment
Advanced Microprocessor-Based System with Built-In Measurement Reliability
Minimal Ongoing Operational & Maintenance Costs
RS-485 Network wWiring Distance up to 4, 000 ft
Simple Daisy-Chain Wiring Allows Easy Installation
Built-In Wireless Options Available

Plastics & Chemicals
Concrete & Aggregates
Food Ingredients
Feed, Seed & Grain
Other Powder & Bulk Solids
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MONITOR Vibratory Point Level Sensor

  • Item 9-8300
  • Dimensions 4.5 lb, 2 kg
  • Model PZP
Extremely Versatile
Exceptional Sensitivity
Single-Prong Probe Design
No Calibration
Universal Power Supply
Piezoelectric Technology
Unique Versatility for Materials From 1.25 to 100 lbft3 (20 - 1600 kgm3)
Unaffected by Environmental and Material Changes
Unique Single-Prong Probe Design
Universal Power Supply for 20 - 250 VACDC
High and Low Level Applications, Dust Collector Back-Up Protection
Handle Internal Bin Temperatures Up To 302°F (105°C)
Multiple Configurations for a Wide Range of Applications
The PZP vibratory level sensor provides reliable point level detection in a wide variety of process control applications within the powder and bulk solids market.
The PZP offers many advantages over alternative technologies. The vibrating-probe principle eliminates problems associated with temperature, humidity, and material changes, while providing state-of-the-art electronic reliability and accuracy that requires no calibration. The unique single-prong probe design is diamond shaped and eliminates material packing problems and false signaling typically associated with the dual-prong "tuning fork" design.
The PZP's ability to detect a wide variety of material densities, including very light-weight materials, makes it an attractive solution for many applications.
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Vibratory Type Point Level Sensors for Solids

  • Item 9-8411-111
  • Dimensions 4.14 lb, 1.88 kg
Single-Probe Vibrating Rod Design
Used for Wide Range of Powders and Other Bulk Solids
Easy Setup - No Calibration
Universal Power Supply
Variety of Probe Configurations
The VibraRod™ vibrating-rod sensor provides reliable point-level sensing in a wide variety of applications within powder and bulk solids markets. The vibrating probe principle utilized by the VibraRod™ overcomes typical application difficulties associated with changes in material, electrical dielectric constant, temperature, or humidity while providing reliable, solid-state electronic circuitry that requires no calibration. The VibraRod™ has the ability to detect a wide range of material densities.

The VibraRod™ line of vibrating-rod, point-level sensors is offered in standard-length, cable-extension or pipe-extension versions. The standard-length version extends into your vessel approximately 9 inches (229 mm). The pipe-extended version can be used to extend the measuring rod up to 120 inches (3048 mm) and the cable-extended unit can be used to extend the probe up to 65 feet (19.8 m). Each version can be provided with either a plastic or aluminum housing. VibraRod™ units are provided with local indication using a bi-color LED and a traditional relay output.
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RF Capacitance Point Level Sensors

  • Item 11-8511-111
  • Model MK-2
TrueCap® RF capacitance sensors offer cost-effective, point-level monitoring with reliability you can count on. Monitor’s complete line, which features models MK-2 and MK-2e, provides you with the most affordable solution for your application. Monitor’s RF capacitance probes are designed to provide a high level of sensitivity, stability, and durability for powder and bulk solids applications, as well as liquid and slurry applications. Monitor’s two-year warranty stands behind every TrueCap sensor.
Extensive Product Line for Bulk Solid Applications
Superior Sensitivity of 0.5 pF is Standard
Maximum Reliability and Calibration Stability
Automatic Material Build-Up Immunity
Universal Power Supply Available
Twist OnOff Cover
Two-year Warranty
Liquid and Slurry Applications

Provides the highest performance and reliability over the widest range of applications
Wide assortment of probe types and options for versatility
Suitable for dry solids, wet solids, liquids, viscous liquids, and slurries
Hazardous Locations Approval Available
Internal bin temperatures up to 450°F (232°C) (Split-Architecture)
Split-Architecture to remote mount electronics
Immunity to product build-up on probe
Unaffected by high vibration (Split-Architecture)
Tolerant of wide temperature fluctuations without recalibration
QuickSimple recalibration (push-button) to handle varying materials
Universal Power Supply
Remote calibration option (up to 1000 ft (305 m) from electronics)
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