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Aluminium Melting Furnace

Aluminium Melting Furnace

Gold Melting Furnace

Gold Melting Furnace

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  • Blast Furnace

    • Material : Steel
    • Tightest : 0.001"

    Experts in the field, Industrial Maintenance Welding & Machining have been repairing heavy-duty blast furnace parts for over 35 years. Our ability to carefully plan the repair process as well as our experience with these difficult repairs has combined to create a seamless transition of work between us and our customers. We use primary skills like welding and machining to repair rugged steel bells distributors, bell r More...

  • Annealing Furnaces

    • Controls : Digital temperature and high limit controllers
    • Guillotine Style Door System : Pneumatic cable/sheave drive design Air tight seal maintains uniformity in work zone Door gasket life is extensive
    • Heating System : Direct gas fired, radiant tube fired or all electric Low NOx direct gas fired burner design available Energy efficiency technology
    • Overall Construction : Long life design Ceramic fiber lining throughout Epoxy enamel coated externally AWS Certified welding of all materials

    CHE manufactures a very robust, industrial grade age and annealing furnace for the heat process industry. We can customize each age anneal furnace according to temperature, tolerance and available utilities to fit your site-specific requirements with our on-staff engineering team. CHE has more than 80 years experience in the manufacturing of quality solution age anneal furnaces for the aluminum industry. More...

  • Annealing Furnace

    • Series : Annealing Furnace, gas fired, 5' diameter x 5' height ID, bell chamber, w/1-RA330, retort base, 2150°F

    TNT Industrial Machines, wholesales late model machine tools and equipment, including CNC machinery. Products & Services Blue Ball Brakes, Press Blue Ball Chemical, Petroleum & Gas Processing Equipment Blue Ball CNC Machinery Blue Ball Furnaces & Ovens Blue Ball Lathes, CNC Blue Ball Machining Centers, CNC Blue Ball Presses Blue Ball Welding Equipment More...

  • Small Tool Room Furnace

    • Uniformity : AMS Class 3 (± 15ºF / 8ºC)
    • Loading : Front
    • Power Source : Electric
    • Atmosphere : Air
    • Type : Bench

    The GS1714 is an excellent product for use in many applications. The control is a remarkably powerful multi-program control, the four sides of elements makes for a very even heating, the door is very easy to operate and the chamber is a very useful size - all for a very low price. These are built in a production line and are usually in stock for immediate More...

  • Salt Bath Furnace

    • white : bath salt
    • salt bath furnace : white

    Bath salt salt bath furnace white rush bath salt pink himalayan bath salts bliss bath salts ivory wave bath salt bolivian ivory bath salts ampe bath salts vanilla sky bath salt herbal incense bath salts and many others. More...

    Liston Pharmaceuticals

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  • Vacuum Furnace

    AVS Vacuum Furnace is manufactured to satisfy our customer’s temperature and vacuum atmosphere requirements. AVS vacuum furnace allow various combinations of high temperatures up to 3000°C, high vacuum to 10-6torr, partial pressure gas atmospheres in the millitorr or torr ranges, and positive pressures up to 1 atmosphere (14.7 psig). AVS has in-house capabilities to fabricate graphite hot zones using soft felt or

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  • Furnaces

    The new S9V2 furnace is more efficient in both heating and cooling, offers quiet operation, and maintains the DNA that Trane is known for: quality and reliability.


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  • Major Aerospace Contractor Selects Hed International Furnaces

    A Major U.S. Aerospace Contractor has selected HED International to supply the same UniquePereny atmosphere tight integral heat treating equipment previously supplied. Their application requires the utmost in dependable precision (+-10C) and proven efficiency (300 to 1500 lbscycle) recognized as the decided advantages of these HED process heat systems. These furnace designs incorporate automated loading and unloading

  • Lab Furnace

    Highlights of the MIM 3001L Lab Sintering Furnaces Elnik's MIM 3001L Lab sized MIM furnace processes any metal with any binder in a one step second stage debinding and sintering cycle, without having to move the parts. This is accomplished through a gas tight refractory metal retort with a gas management system. This furnace has: Laminar gas flow, which guarantees consistent parts every process run. The gas managemen

    Elnik Systems

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  • Mph Holimesy Holding Furnace

    The Holimesy® low-energy electric holding furnace is the most energy-efficient aluminum holding furnace available and can reduce energy costs up to 80-90%. The totally enclosed design leads to uniform operating temperatures and virtually eliminates oxide formation and sludge. This minimizes maintenance and maintains your metal quality. The heated launder system shares the same energy efficient special ceramic plate


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  • Variable-speed Gas Furnaces

    Evolution® Series Gas Furnaces provide quiet, smooth, whole-home comfort. You’ll hardly hear it running as you get cozy with up to 98.3% AFUE savings. Features including variable speed airflow or Perfect Heat® technology can keep you comfortable year round.

    Bryant Inc

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  • Fully Stablised Zirconia Furnace

    We now offer a wide range of furnace products, marketed under our Haldenwanger® brand, made from our specialist calcia stabilised zirconia (CaO-ZrO2). Our product range includes sheath tubes for temperature monitoring and a range of crucibles which are the rightan excellent choice for chemical processing applications, due to their resistance to chemical attack. Calcia stabilised zirconia is selected for these produc

  • Furnaces

    GCES designs and manufactures industrial ovens and furnaces tailored to your specific application within a variety of industries. Combining a collaborative approach with our engineering and manufacturing experience, each oven is custom designed to match your unique needs. Considerations include the degree of automation required by your process, temperature control accuracy, safety, material handling, life cycle cost

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  • Crucible Laboratory Furnaces

    National Element Inc. understands the critical nature of laboratory testing. Our lab furnaces are made with precision, consistency and durability in mind. NEI designed our coal analysis crucible with a sturdy wire sling mount so each sample is positioned in the furnace to ensure conditions of volatilization are precisely duplicated every time. INDUSTRIES Government and Private research facilities. University science

  • Pellet Furnaces

    Deals in gas fireplaces, Pellet Stoves, coal stoves, Heating Products, pellet inserts, wood fireplaces, Boilers, Stoves, wood stoves, pellet furnaces, electric fireplaces

    Harman Stoves

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  • Furnaces

    Deals in Microplate Washer, Fume Hoods, Incubators, Bioreactor, Spectrophotometer, x ray spectrometer, particle image processor, Shaking Incubator, Plant Growth Chamber, Uv Spectrophotometer, Environmental Chamber, Safety Cabinets, transilluminator, Carbon Dioxide Incubator, af spectrophotometer, Autoclave, Ovens, vis spectrophotometer, Refractometer, FTIR Spectrometer

    Labnics Equipment

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  • Oil Furnaces

    Deals in Thermometers, Heat Pumps, torch kits, Hoses, Gauges, Thermostats, Vacuum pumps, oil furnaces, Fuses, insulation, First Aid Kits, Mineral, pocket thermometers, insulation fasteners, Media Filters, nitrogen kits, air conditioning, Leak Detector, Guns, Hand Tool

  • Outdoor Wood Furnace

    Deals in aspen woods, Firewood, Oak Wood, cedar wood, bbq smoking wood, mesquite wood, outdoor wood furnace, wood chunks, Pine Wood, metal art, wood carvings, pellet grill, Wood Chips, pinion wood, Wood Pellets, log furniture