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Induction Heating Equipment

Induction Heating Equipment

Gas Fired Heater

Gas Fired Heater

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  • Heater

    • Dimensions : 27”L x 14.5”W x 14”H
    • Weight : 47 lbs.
    • BTUs : 45,000

    The 1590D All-in-one heater and blower system is designed to provide fresh warm air. It’s extremely efficient requiring only 45, 000 BTU’s of input to get a 125 degree (Fahrenheit). This is unit is certified for ventilation confined spaces with or without heated air via ducts. This model is available in both North American and European Voltages. This product is complaint with Canadian Standards Association requir More...


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  • Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters

    • Alumina Content : 95 %
    • Bulk Density Fired : 3.7 MG/M3
    • Grain Size : 6 um
    • Vickers Hardness : 12.5 ( GPA@Hv 0.5 kg )

    Ceramic Beads : High Resistance to Thermal and Physical Shock Flexibility and high heat transfer Fast heating transfer High grade sintered alumina ceramic beads 80/20 nickel cold tail wire. Good quality & Competitive price Various sizes available   Physical Properties : Rockwell Hardness: 78 (R45N) Compressive strength: 2000 Mpa Flexible strength: 320 MPA (ASTM C1161.3 point) Young Modulus: 325 Gpa Thermal C More...

    Industrial Supplies Usa Llc

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  • Swhl-400l Solar Water Heater


    • Place of Origin : China (Mainland)
    • Installation : Freestanding
    • Housing Material : : Stainless Steel
    • Capacity : 400
    • Type : Evacuated Tube
    • Pressure : Pressurized
    • Supply Ability : 800 Piece/Pieces per Month

    Equipped with the most up-to-date inventory control and management system, we cater to the seasonal demand to a continuous one as well. We keep records of the products to make sure that the range is kept safe in our spacious warehouse. For ensuring safety of the products during handling, warehousing and transportation, we make use of quality packing material. Moreover, the task of packaging is undertaken by the exper More...

    Janerotech Inc.

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  • Aquagenie 10l Cyan Water Heater

    • Model No : 10L

    High Pressure with-standing capacity suitable for high rise buildings Incoloy 800 Element with enamel coating for longer life Blue Sapphire Enamel Coating on Tank to prevent from Rust and corrosion Preset Thermal Cutout with CE mark ELCB- Earthing Protection Device 16 Amp with CE mark Weather proofing IPX4 Fire retardant CFC free PUF insulation Multi function Safety Valve Magnesium Anode Rod to prevent rust and corro More...

    Usha Kitchens

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  • Finbar Single/double-ended Heaters

    • Overall A Dimension : 10.25 in 260.0 mm
    • Overall F Dimension : 6.5 in 158.0 mm

    Composed of aluminized steel fins press fitted to a one-inch single-ended FIREBAR® element. The FINBAR™ is designed to improve heat transfer to the air and permits putting more power in tighter spaces - like forced air ducts, dryers, ovens and load bank resistors. Heat transfer, lower sheath temperature and element life are all maximized by its finned construction. Installation is simplified by terminations exitin More...


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  • Non-pressure Solar Water Heater

    • Connection Type : Direct-Plug
    • Type : Evacuated Tube
    • Pressure : Unpressurized
    • Circulation Type : Other

    Inner tank: stainless steel SUS304-0.5mm Vacuum tube: QB-AL-NAL-47-150058-1800 Outer tank: painted steel-0.4mmaluminum-zinc coated steel-0.45mmstainless steel SUS304 Insulation: polyurethane Frame: coated galvanized steel-1.5mmstainless steel SUS430-1.5mm More...

    Sun-rain & Co.

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  • Coil

    • Tightest Tolerances : Decimal: ± 0.005

    Custom Coil Winding Assemblies for the Electrical Industry For over 50 years, Endicott Coil Company, Inc. has been at the forefront of technology in the design and production of coil winding assemblies. Our coil assemblies are used in solenoids, actuators, vibrators, PC board assemblies, and electronic assemblies. We have integrated our in-house custom tooling and insulating techniques manufacturing ability with the More...

  • Heaters

    • B1-.040W : 3.47
    • B3-3X.025W : 3.5
    • B1-3x.030W : 3.69
    • B3-.040W : 3.04
    • B1-3X.025W : 4.22

    Now viewing: Baskets and Heaters [Store Homepage] QUICKCART Number of Items: 0 | Total $0.00 You are NOT logged in (login) Min Order = $50 We have 16 items in this category. Now displaying 1 - 10. ‹‹‹12››› Tungsten Evaporation Baskets offer an effective method of reaching high temperatures with low current. The benefits of using tungsten baskets as an evaporation source for your deposition process include More...

  • Solvent Circulation Heater

    • Height : 8.5 in. (216 mm)

    Allows Safe Heating of Volatile Silicon Wafer Cleaning Solvents The Universal Solvent circulation heater from CAS consists of a cylindrical-shaped cast part with helical coiled tubes and formed tubular heating elements cast-in. Three Type J thermocouples sense the solvent inlet, solvent outlet and casting core temperatures. The Universal Solvent circulation heater operates at near 100 percent efficiency while reducin More...

  • Packaged Electric Water Heater

    • model : Model SH & H

    The Model SH and H is a fully packaged water heater designed to be a reliable and long lasting source for hot water. Each component is carefully selected to ensure performance in even the most demanding application. Whether you are heating potable water in a commercial building or heating process water in an industrial application you can selet a Hubbell Model SH or H to do the job. When you specify and install a Hub More...

  • Tent Heater

    • SKU : 9401-50

    Lightweight tent heater offers the rugged, heavy-duty design of all-steel housing with enclosed heating elements and a sealed, 110 VAC motor. Powerful heater produces 5, 000 BTU, with 115 CFM airflow and will raise the temperature 50° F in a work tent. Weight: 14 lbs. UL® Listed, CSA Approved. More...

    Fremont Industrial

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  • Electric Heaters

    • high power output : 600 W

    When designing the heaters, MAHLE drew upon the company’s broad knowledge base in the area of fuel systems, thus achieving a high level of integration in the fuel filter module. Other salient features of the heaters include low pressure loss during high heat transfer to the medium, a robust design with separate chambers for the electronics and heating element, a low energy requirement, and a high power output (600 More...

    Mahle Behr

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  • Qtd Infrared Heater

    • BTU Range : 60,000 – 80,000 BTU/h
    • Gas Type : Natural or Propane
    • Lengths : 107"

    The patent pending two-stage QTD Series offers a unique and innovative heating solution. Its design incorporates the modular benefits of high-intensity infrared with the application versatility of low-intensity infrared. Distinctive construction features include a multi-burner, multi-exchanger, multi-reflector platform optimized for a broad and even heat output pattern. The enhanced two-stage feature of the QTD Serie More...

  • Natural Gas Radiant Heater

    • Input: : Natural Gas 100,000 BTU/hr.
    • Weight : 47 lbs.
    • Manifold Pressure : Natural Gas 7.0" W.C.

    The Flagro FRHR-100N Features Thermostatically controlled heat Filterless design Heavy duty frame weighing less than 50 pounds Recessed controls to eliminate damage Stackable for easy storage and transportation Improved maintenance accessibility More...

  • Flanged

    • Tightest Tolerances : ±.001

    Both sand casting and CNC machining processes were employed to manufacture this flanged half-differential case. First, a rough cast of the differential case was made from ductile iron using customer's exact CAD data & prints. Features were then CNC machined through milling, turning, slotting, trepanning, and other operations. The case was finally assembled, washed, inspected, packed, and delivered to the customer. To More...

  • Tubular Heaters

    • Density : Watt Densities of up to 120 WPSI available
    • Flexability : Great flexibility to meet application needs
    • Cold Section : Custom made cold sections are available.
    • Sheath Wall Thickness : Thicker sheath wall are available for intensive applications
    • Humidity : Silicone seals to ensure moisture resistance in humid environments.

    Tubular heating elements from WATTCO™ are the most versatile and the best-suited industrial heating solution for a large number of applications. Tubular elements from WATTCO™ are factory-configured to almost any shape or size. Custom bending diameters can be made upon request and we can manufacture a variety of industrial heating solutions such as flanged tubular heaters. Tubular heaters are typically made using More...


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  • Flued Gas Space Heaters

    • Dimensions: H x W x D (mm) : 610 x 760 x 257
    • Colour : Off White
    • Model No : PRS-250L

    Paloma Flued Gas space heaters offer fully automatic, thermostatically controlled heating. These high efficiency heaters provide rapid winter warmth and their coaxial flue system ensures room air remains fresh. More...


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  • Aqua Blast Electric Hot Water Heaters

    • Chemical Injector : Downstream Low Pressure
    • Gun : Trigger Shut Off With Cool Grip

    Model P2130EH P3900EH P4230EH P4300EH P5300EH P5500EH P6300EH P8190EH Pounds Per Square Inch ( Pressure Rating ) 1, 300 PSI 900 PSI 2, 300 PSI 3, 000 PSI 3, 000 PSI 5, 000 PSI 3, 000 PSI 1, 900 PSI Gallon Per Minute ( Flow Output ) 2 GPM 3 GPM 4 GPM 4 GPM 5 GPM 5 GPM 6 GPM 8 GPM Horsepower 2 HP 2 HP 5 HP 10 HP 10 HP 20 HP 10 HP 10 HP Electrical 115 240 Volts Single Phase 115 240 Volts Single Phase 115 240 Volts Singl More...

    Wlc Co., Inc.

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  • Mica Band Heaters

    • Temperature : 800°F

    A mica core produces a thin, efficient heater. Heat from the precisely wound element is quickly transferred to the working surface for expedited heat up. Mica provides optimum dielectric strength and heat transfer capabilities for an extended heater life. The mica core is encased in a corrosion resistant sheath. All full mica band heaters are designed with closed ends to protect against contamination. Maximum sheath More...

  • Direct Fired Heaters

    • Model : TS080

    Our direct-fired heaters set up quickly and are exceptionally quiet during operation. They have a direct spark ignition system, a thermostatic control and some are ductable. Available in propane or natural gas. Used in well ventilated applications requiring a lot of heat. Offered in sizes ranging from 80, 000 Btuh to 1, 000, 000 Btuh. Generate the lowest cost per Btu of heating when compared to indirect-fired and ele More...

  • Flanged

    • LENGTH : 1.75
    • THREAD : 10-24
    • MATERIALS : Stainless Steel

    Flanged 10-24 X 1-34 CDFLSS SKU: 2-CDS500091Categories: Capacitor Discharge Fasteners, Fasteners, Flanged

  • Air Heaters

    • CO Emission : 0 to 0.075 lb/MMBtu/hr
    • Model Number : Model Number

    The burner management system has a flame safeguard relay with the first out annunciator. The combustion control system allows a radio control and position proposition control to meter air and fuel flow. The Low Emission Air Heaters can be installed both indoors and outdoors. ComEnCo uses the Low Emission Air Heaters is series AH with a burner capacity of 10, 000, 000 to 15, 000, 000 Btuhr. The temperature of the proc More...

  • Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater

    • save : $30.00

    The Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater is the original and best-selling portable water heater on the market today. You get instant, endless hot water wherever you are. The Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater is perfect for campsites, cabins or simply around the house. Wash your car, wash your boat, take a hot shower, or even wash your horse. You can add the Eccotemp L5 Portable Water Heater to a pressu More...

  • Gas Water Heater

    • model : Model NX

    The Hubbell NX is a heavy-duty, fully condensing commercial gas water heater coupled with a long lasting cement lined Hubbell storage tank creates a full turn-key water heating system. The Hubbell design achieves a rated thermal efficiency of 96% and is available with inputs ranging from 200 - 800 MBH. The NX series integrates the best of both worlds by combining a high efficiency, high recovery gas water heater with More...

    Tm Systems, Inc.

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  • Heaters

    • BTU Output : 125,000
    • Fan : N/A
    • Type : Propane

    Propane Heater Rental Features: • Integral thermostat control • Electronic ignition • Oxygen detection system safety control Barrel Heater Rental Features: • Completely enclosed motor • Non slip rubber footing • Large thermostat control More...

    Portable Air

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  • Mobileprocessheater

    • Series : SAGE 3,400,000 BTU Mobile Process Heater 

    The SAGE model SHC3.4MCD mobile tank-less process heater is engineered to deliver dependable safe operation and unmatched performance for years. SAGE Heaters have been successful in military and commercial ground support applications for over 30 years. The SAGE Heater is designed for many years of service under normal usage and maintenance. This is achieved by using a unique stainless steel alloy heat exchanger core More...

    Maloya Laser, Inc.

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  • Heaters


    Air Volume: 1, 000 – 21, 000 cfm Maximum SP: 4" wg. @ standard air density Adobe PDF Version The Direct Gas Fired Make-Up Air package is designed to deliver tempered make-up air for installations requiring frequent air changes. Units are designed for natural and propane gas applications, and for indoor or outdoor installation. Direct Gas-Fired Heater, ETL Listed, for use in tempering make-up air. Packages are c More...

  • Alien X Heaters

    • volt : 120
    • Quantity : 1

    The ALIEN X is the first model to have a 2100 watt element. With an impressive air speed of 32 mph and a heating time of only 45 mins it is faster than the ALIEN TURBO and produces more heat. You wanted faster, you got faster. Includes; 1- Alien Heater, 2- High Temperature Hoses, 4- Sponges and a Duffel Bag for convenient storage. More...

  • Single Pass Quartz Electric Air Heater

    • Manufacturer : Convectronics

    These Convectronics air heaters are high temperature air heaters designed to heat flowing air up to 1500°F. These highly efficient and fast response heaters can be accurately controlled with a variable voltage source or with automatic temperature controls. More...


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  • T-series Enclosure Heater

    • Wattage : Up to 400 watts / unit for T3, Up to 600 watts / unit for T2
    • Supply Voltage : 115, 230 and 277VAC (special order 12 & 24VDC, and 100 & 208VAC)
    • Classifications : NEC & CSA: Class I Division 1 Group A, B, C, & D (T2 or T3; ATEX Zone I EEx d IIC T3),

    T-Series enclosure heaters are designed with standard redundant internal protection for long trouble free operation. The T-Series heater provides approved hazardous area heaters for a wide range of applications from instrument freeze protection to temperature maintenance for analytical applications. The system is highly configurable and includes redundant internal protection for long trouble free operation. Standard More...

    Obcorp Llc

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  • Auto Heater

    • CONSUMER PACK DIMENSIONS : 6.22" X 5.04" X 3.15"

    AUTO HEATERDEFROSTER Portable. Directs heat wherever needed. Pull-out handle for quick defrosting. Mounts. Swivels 360 degrees. 3-way switch. 6 ft. cable included. ID JB7271 BRAND IDW-HNA CASE PACK 24 CASE WEIGHT 22.95 CASE LENGTH 21 CASE WIDTH 11 CONSUMER PACK COLOR BOX WHANG TAB CONSUMER PACK DIMENSIONS 6.22" X 5.04" X 3.15" UPC EAN NUMBER 017874014583 More...


    Henderson NV. | More...

  • Lufran Ultra Pure Water Heater

    • Flow Rate : 1 LPM (.25 GPM) to 200 LPM (50 GPM)
    • Temperature Accuracy : +/-0.3° C, depending on operating conditions

    Proven technology for UPDI heating applications and is suitable for the most stringent high purity specifications FEATURES PTFE heating elements are in direct contact with the DI water for maximum efficiency and fast response. Capable of temperatures up to 95° C and pressures up to 100 PSIG at essentially any flow rate. Uptimes of greater than 99% can be expected. Patented heater purge ensures heater integrity and l More...

    Process Technology

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  • Conrad Fiberglass Blanket Heaters And Jackets

    • Temperature Rating : 750°F (400° C) maximum
    • Wattage : Customer specified (Normal maximum of 8 Watts per square inch)
    • Voltage : Customer specified
    • Thickness : 1" Standard, 1/4" minimum
    • Size/Shape Limitations : None

    CONSTRUCTION: Heating Element is a fine gauge, multiple stranded, stress relieved wire insulated with fiberglass yarn and secured to the heating face. Element construction of up to 150 feet of stranded wire per square foot of surface eliminates hot spots and insures fast heat up time and long service life. Heating Face and Cover are fiberglass fabric woven of “itch-proof” Beta glass high temperature yarns. Therma More...

    The Conrad Co.

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  • Water Heaters

    • Power : 5KW, 9KW and 15KW

    DRX Series STC FAA-PMA approved RS485 compatible Tank-less design with lightweight stainless steel construction Continuous hot water Digital temperature control and read out On demand Installation Vertical or Horizontal Electrical: 115 VAC, 400Hz, 3Phase Available in: 5KW, 9KW and 15KW More...