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Computer Monitor

We offer the best product range of Room Isolation Monitor, Velocity Monitor, Environmental Monitor, Room Condition Monitor and Room Pressure Monitor.

Room Isolation Monitor

  • Model SRIM2

Setra’s SRIM2 has the most alarming features of all of our non-BACnet product measuring low differential pressure in critical applications. The SRIM2, built on the foundation of the SRIM1, is an ideal solution for anyone who requires cost-effective local monitoring and alarming of multiple parameters, but does not require BACnet protocol. The SRIM2 has a 3-color backlit display, for easy menu navigation and visualaudible alarm setup for pressure, temperature, and humidity. Why Use Anything But the Best? Protection and isolation rooms are designed to adhere to strict standards in order to provide a proper barrier between the room and reference space. Unlike a flow-through design, the SRIM2 utilizes an on-board dead-ended low differential pressure sensor. This technology provides the user with a trusted solution & peace of mind that the sensor will prevent contaminated air from passing through it.

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Velocity Monitor

  • Model SRIMV

Setra’s SRIMV is a multi-function non-BACnet device designed to monitor velocity while also giving the user the option to measure and display flow, differential pressure, temperature and humidity. The SRIMV offers three velocity ranges as well as three pressure ranges, giving the user the option to choose the appropriate range for their application. The SRIMV has a 3-color backlit display for easy menu navigation and audiblevisual alarm capability for velocity, flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and door input. The velocity and flow measurements are based on differential pressure and require the use of a single point Pitot tube or averaging probe. Simplify Your Velocity Measurement The SRIMV offers velocity ranges of 2000 ftmin, 4000 ftmin and 8000 ftmin as well as three meter ranges of 0-10, 0-20 and 0-40 ms. The SRIMV automatically calculates the velocity and volumetric flow rates based on differential pressure, eliminating the need for a manual square root calculation. Air density correction can be set as a STD condition or use as a external temperature sensor input.

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Environmental Monitor

  • Dimensions 9.25” W x 6.3” H x 0.65”D (215.0mm x 160.0mm x 16.51mm)

The Setra FLEX™ provides a flexible room environmental control and monitoring solution in a simple-to-use package. An attractive flushmount faceplate is complemented by an intuitive graphical display to meet any architectural requirement. The unit supports 3 rooms, monitoring up to 6 parameters for each room. If additional IO is required, an expansion IO module enables the monitoring and control for more complicated applications. An optional differential pressure sensor can be either factory-installed in the unit or ordered separately and installed above the ceiling. Integration with building automation systems is made easy through either BACnetIP or BACnet MSTP network protocols. Modular Design A modular hardware design enables the FLEX monitor to fit in various wall thickness found around the globe. For applications which require the monitor to fit in wall depths less than 50mm, the FLEX can be ordered with an external pressure sensor. When mounting in a three gang electrical box, the FLEX can be ordered with an integrated on-board sensor. Sufficient on-board IO provides connectivity for most common equipment and sensor applications. If additional connections are required, or if more advanced HVAC applications demand it, the expansion IO module can be ordered as an accessory. A high accuracy 0.25% differential pressure transducer is used in all pressure sensing options. A projected capacitive touch screen provides swipe functionality and allows for use with medical gloves. The faceplate is attached to the unit body, enabling both tamper resistant operation and easy opening for pressure calibration.

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Room Condition Monitor

  • Model SRCM

The SRCM is the highest performance BACnet capable product for measuring low differential pressure in critical applications. Unlike the SRPM, the SRCM can monitor and alarm two rooms through one device, as well as display 3 additional parameters such as temperature, humidity & CO2 . The SRCM builds upon the SRPM’s feature set by adding cloning functionality via a USB port, which ensures time and money savings on installation in applications where multiple monitors are required. The SRCM also has a 4.3” color LCD touch screen for easy menu navigation as well as a flush mount design. The SRCM provides the ability for custom naming for all rooms and conditions while including two-level password protection. Monitor & Alarm Multiple Rooms The SRCM is designed to give the user flexibility and dependability in the most critical applications. The SRCM has an expanded feature set that includes 2 analog inputs to allow the user to monitor temperature and humidity, as well as a user defined parameter. The SRCM also has a digital input to be used for a door alarm, ensuring that there are no breaches in the critical environment.

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Room Pressure Monitor

  • Model SRPM

The SRPM is Setra’s standard single room BACnet capable room pressure monitor for measuring low differential pressure in critical applications. The SRPM’s backlit touchscreen LCD provides an intuitive graphic user interface for ease of setup. The SRPM has a built-in calibration feature and only requires zeroing when installed, significantly reducing the cost of ownership. The SRPM monitors and alarms while providing a digital input for a door alarm. The SRPM is a simple, cost-effective solution which combines state-of-the-art electronics with Setra’s superior true differential pressure sensing technology to ensure safety in critical environments. The SRPM also incorporates two-level password protection.

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