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Other Products / Services

Our product range comtains a wide range of Room Monitoring Display, Multi-Room Monitoring Station, Patrol Flex Rogowski Coil, AccuSense High Accuracy Low Differential Pressure Transduce and Dual Channel Meter

Room Monitoring Display

  • Model SRMD

The SRMD is designed to provide a prominent display in critical environments. The SRMD takes inputs from critical sensors, and display the parameters in 1” illuminated LCD characters. The SRMD is sensor agnostic and accepts 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC inputs. However, it is also available to order calibrated with Setra humiditytemperature sensors, ensuring that it is ready to install out of the box, providing quick installation. The SRMD is available in single or dual configuration with a white or metallic bezel, and the LCD characters are available in three colors; red, green, and blue. Highly Visible LCD Display Real-time environmental monitoring is essential in critical spaces such as operating rooms, laboratories or medical manufacturing clean rooms. The SRMD is a display panel which takes sensor information and displays with 1” LCD characters. The SRMD is offered in either a single or dual display configuration with 3 color choices (red, green, blue) so that the end user can clearly see the critical parameters from up to 30’ away

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Multi-Room Monitoring Station

  • Model MRMS

The Setra MRMS provides a central location to view critical room conditions for up to eight rooms with configurable audiblevisual alarms. The MRMS’ 4.3” color LCD touchscreen is easy to navigate and ideal for any healthcare facility that needs to monitor critical room status from a central nurses location. The MRMS significantly reduces installation setup through its Auto-Discover feature, which automatically finds and connects to other Setra BACnet products and imports all MAC addresses, BACnet objects, naming conventions and other setup parameters. Display Real-Time Feedback for up to 8 Rooms Modern healthcare requires nursing and facilities professionals to monitor just about everything from the patient status to the condition of patient rooms. People can’t be in two places at once, which is why Setra designed the MRMS, providing a central location to monitor the environmental condition for up to 8-rooms from a single device. The MRMS displays real-time data and provides an audible and visual alarm for the people who need it most: nurses and maintenance staff.

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Patrol Flex Rogowski Coil

  • Model PF
  • Diameter 12.4 mm

Offered in 12”, 24” and 36” lengths, the Patrol Flex is the most accurate Rogowski coil in submetering. Rogowski coils offer significant installation advantages over split-core CT’s because of their light weight, wide current range (5-5, 000 Amps), mechanical flexibility for mounting in tight quarters and easy placement around cable bundles or large busbars. The Patrol Flex leads can be extended up to 150 feet without degrading the accuracy of the unit and up to 300 feet with only 0.08% error. ±0.5% FS Revenue Grade Accuracy Setra partnered with Fluke to deliver the Patrol Flex CT; the highest performance Rogowski coil in submetering. The Patrol Flex Rogowski Coil is calibrated to better than ±0.5% FS accuracy for use in revenue grade (tenant billing) applications.

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AccuSense High Accuracy Low Differential Pressure Transduce

  • Model ASL

Setra’s Model ASL is the highest accuracy transducer for measuring low differential pressure in the AccuSense™ product line. Its ±0.07% FS accuracy is calibrated using the “End Point Method” which improves linearity when compared to competitive transducers, which use the “Best Fit Straight Line Method” of calibration. The ASL’s calibration is tamper proof by utilizing a SecureCal™ calibration key which eliminates inadvertent adjustments, while allowing authorized users to adjust the sensor’s calibration coefficients for a true sensor calibration. The design of the ASL offers class leading overpressure capability and multiple pressure and electrical fittings to accommodate a wide range of applications. High Accuracy For Demanding Applications The Model ASL differential pressure transducer uses a resonant variable capacitance sensor. This sensor is linearized and thermally compensated through a computerized curve fitting algorithm that optimizes the sensor’s linearity for maximum accuracy in demanding applications.

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Dual Channel Meter


The DATUM 2000™ is a self-contained dual channel system for accurately displaying an output from one or two transducers (or transmitters) located at a remote location. It features an analog to digital converter with an LED display. Programmed with a selectable menu, the DATUM 2000™ can be calibrated by the user to the pressure ranges of the various Setra pressure transducers and transmitters or other analog instruments. Two buttons conveniently located on the front panel allow the user to access the menu. The menu includes: selecting a channel, adjusting or calibrating the output of the meter, setting the decimal point, zero adjustment and HiLo Alarms.

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