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    Polypropylene Rope
  • Sisal Rope
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  • Compacted Wire Ropes

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    • series : 19X19 IWRC

    Size (in) Approx Wt (lbsft) Breaking Strength (lbs) I.P.S. E.I.P.S. 12 0.510 27, 550 29, 760 916 0.647 34, 800 37, 500 58 0.809 43, 600 47, 000 1116 0.968 52, 100 56, 200 34 1.14 61, 400 66, 300 78 1.56 83, 700 90, 800 1 2.04 109, 400 118, 000 1+18 2.59 138, 761 150, 000 1+14 3.2 more...


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    LandMann Wire Rope Products, Inc.

    Vacaville, Ca 95688

  • Leg Sling Ropes

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    • Wire Classification : 6 x 19 IWRC

    Fittings Thimble, Hoist Hook Master Item # AS 140-TTH- 050 Maximum Operating Temperature 400 Minimum Operating Temperature -60 Number of Legs Four Rope Diameter 12 Sling Material Independent Wire Rope Core Splice Mechanical Splice Length Wire Classification 6 x 19 IWRC Rated Capa more...


    Also Deals In : WIRE CROrotation resistant rope, Abrasion resistant wire rope, Fatigue resistance wire rope, Crush resistance wire rope, Rotation resistance wire rope, flattened strand wire rope, Exceptional stability wire rope, Less sheave wire rope, compacted strand wire rope, Crush resistant wire rope

    American Riggers Supply, Inc.

    Kansas City, Ks 66105 Map

  • Combination Rope

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    • Diameter : 3/8″
    • circ. : 1-1/8″

    Combination rope is manufactured to offer the advantages of both polyester and polypropylene rope. It is made using a polyester jacket over polypropylene core yarns. This rope offers good abrasion resistance, good dielectric properties, and low elongation. The standard put-up is more...


    Also Deals In : Cotton Rope, Sisal Rope, Nylon Rope

    Phoenix Rope & Cordage Co., Inc.

    Joliet, Il 60433-2975 Map

  • Rotation Resistant Steel Wire Rope

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    • Diameter : 1/4 in
    • Core Design : IWRC (Steel) Core

    Item # 14RRI19, 19x7 Rotation Resistant Steel Wire Rope (IWRC) A uniform hoisting rope generally used where a load is suspended on a single-part line. Unique characteristics prevent spinning of the rope. This is a Single Part Rope. Wires are laid geometrically to form strands, ea more...


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    Crown Wire and Cable Co., Inc.

    Millville, Nj 08332 Map

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  • Avsil Silica Rope

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    • Diameter : 1/4 in.

    AVSil® amorphous Silica Ropes come in two rope constructions - Twisted and Braided. To improve handling and installation of the AVSil® Silica Rope, it has the standard H (Hydrocarbon) finish. Application temperature up to 1, 800°F (980°C). AVSil® Silica Ropes can be surface more...

    Avs Industries, LLC

    New Castle, De 19720 Map

  • Wire Rope

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    • strength : 1770 N/mm2

    Grades of Wire Rope The primary wire rope grades are Plow steel, Improved Plow steel, and Extra Improved Plow Steel. Plow Steel (PS) Plow Steel is tough and strong, and the steel has a tensile strength of 1570 Nmm2 Improved Plow Steel (IPS) The most commonly used rope is the IPS more...

    Pinnacle Chain & Cable

    Concord, Nc 28027 Map

  • Triple Leg Wire Rope

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    • QUANTITY : 1
    • Diameter : 1/4
    • Size : 6x19 & 6x3

    Triple leg wire rope slings commonly have a mechanical splice flemish eyes on the end of the body, and are constructed of 3 wire rope assemblies that are attached to an oblong master link. The lifting ends of the wire rope legs can be fitted with a variety of hooks, eyes, or ring more...


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    Horizon Cable

    45 N. Cooley Dr.

  • Fiber Braided Rope

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    • model : ND16000BD

    Developed by Barry as an ultra-high strength wet and dry dielectric rope, ND16000BD is a 12-strand Dyneema® fiber (UHWMPE) braided rope with a unique airtight jacket. With unequaled dielectric characteristics, this rope is an excellent choice for work in energized electrical env more...

    Barry Cordage, Ltd

    Montreal-nord, Qc H1p1a2 Map

  • Fiberglass Rope

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    • Density : Medium
    • Diameter in Inches : 1/4"
    • Pounds per Carton : 21
    • Feet Per Carton : 2000

    This fiberglass rope is made with six strands of fiberglass yarn. It is a medium density rope used primarily to seal around doors and panels. Features: Service rating to 1000°F 538°C. Flexible for installation around tight corners and friction fit "U" channels. These ropes are more...

    Gaskets, Inc.

    Rio, Wi 53960 Map

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  • High Temp Rope

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    • Materials : Silicone (500°F /260°C) Fiberglass (1000°F /540°C) Silica (1800°F /980°C)
    • Industries : OEM Boilers Transportation
    • Construction : Knitted Twisted Square Braided
    • Custom Options : Colors Stainless Steel Wire Jacket Coatings (Vermiculite, PTFE, Silicone)
    • Size Range : 1/8" (3.2mm) through 4" (101.6mm) diameters depending on product

    Darco Southern offers a variety of Fiberglass (Tetraglas®), Silica (Tetraglas 3000®) and Ceramic Rope products. Each provides unique physical characteristics and sealing performance. Common applications for high temperature ropes include seals for boilers, ovens and stoves as w more...

    Darco Southern, Inc.

    Independence, Va 24348 Map

  • Super Flex Pac Wire Rope

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    • Strands : 19
    • Wires per strand : 7/19

    Super Flex Pac 19 Wire RopeSFP 19 is recommended for both multipart load and single-part fast line applications where rotational stability of the lifted load is needed, such as for use as a long fall on offshore pedestal cranes, rough and all terrain cranes, and crawler cranes. S more...


    Also Deals In : Wire Rope, Super Flex Pac Wire Rope

    Assembly Specialty Products, Inc.

    Cleveland, Oh 44135 Map

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  • Uh-60 Blade Tie Down Rope

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    • ROPE LENGTH : 26 ft. (8 m)
    • Material : Nylon
    • ROPE TYPE : Reflective rope

    Made from UV resistant nylon, these tie down ropes can withstand the world's harshest environments while firmly securing the Main Roter Blades of your UH-60 Blackhawk. Utilizing a fast-slip prusik hitch and carabiner, you can now deploy and stoe your tie downs in less time than b more...

    Armick, Inc.

    Grand Rapids, Mi 49503 Map

  • Mini Silk Rope

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    • Weight : 1 lb. 13.9 oz. ( 848 grams )
    • Width : 6.14 in. - ( 16 cm )
    • DEPTH : 10.23 in. - ( 26 cm )
    • Height : 6.92 in. - ( 18 cm )

    With this super-soft Japanese Silk Rope, you don't have to be an expert to enjoy the pleasure of Japanese-style bondage play. This convenient display includes an assortment of pink, red, black, and purple 6-foot reusable ropes that are perfect for on-the-go fun and ensure long-la more...

    Pipedream Products

    21350 Lassen St City: Chatsworth

  • Aramidic Core Rope

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    • Weight : 30 g/m

    6mm rope with aramidic core and polyamide sheath, the best compromise between grip and resistance to high temperatures. Packaged in rolls of 50 meters, available in two colours (black # 9K0600N0050 or green # 9K0600G0050. Maximum load 20 kN Weight 30 gm Conform to CE EN 564 more...

    Kong USA, LLC

    Bristol, Ri 02809 Map

  • Wire Rope

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    • Cable Material : Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel
    • Cable Braid Type : 7 x 7 - Provides good mix of stiffness and flexibility for most applications.
    • Cable Length : Any Length Available

    Aircraft cable consists of thin steel wires that are stranded together to give the cable a combination of flexibility and strength. Although the largest diameter of aircraft cable available at Tyler Madison maxes out at a ¼”, it is lightweight and strong enough to meet special more...

    Tyler Madison, Inc.

    Apple Valley, Mn 55124 Map

  • 3 Strand Polypropylene Rope

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    3 Strand Polypropylene Rope Polypropylene is a lightweight and strong general purpose rope. It is rot proof and unaffected by water, oil, gasoline, and most chemicals. Polypropylene floats yet it is twice as strong as manila. Our regular mono filament polypropylene rope is made w more...


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    Sunshine Cordage

    Miami, Fl 33166 Map

  • Danline Rope

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    The most of the characteristic and process are same as H.D.P.E. ropes but the major difference is it made from 100% virgin poly propylene split film, instead of monofilament yarn. These ropes being lighter and stronger by nature finds a lot of demand in international as well as l more...


    Also Deals In : Hdpe Ropes, Danline Rope

    Kamani Plastics


  • Wire Rope

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    We have a large inventory of wire rope, maintained for immediate delivery. We stock well over 20 million feet in our various locations. In sizes from 14” to 3” diameter and 9 mm to 52 mm diameter in all types and constructions. We stock both domestic and non-domestic wire rop more...

    Alabama Sling Center

    Dolomite, Al 35061 Map

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